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8 low-budget films that made bank!

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8 Films that had a low-budget but made bank!

Filmmaking is truly an art and it can cost a lot of money to piece together an idea from your head onto the big screen for your family, friends and fans to enjoy. The average filmmaker doesn’t have millions or even thousands of dollars to create a film. (I was always told, it didn’t matter what you had when making a film, if your story is good and you focus on nice lighting, all while grabbing your audience then you’re doing everything right). But do you ever stop to wonder what films were made on a VERY LOW budget and made bank?

We hope that this can inspire people to continue to follow their dreams. Even if you need money to make money in life (I like to think where there’s a will there’s a way) you can still achieve your dreams if you get creative.

Filmmaking is an art which means it’s going to cost money but sometimes, if you get creative enough you can turn your low-budget film into a multi-million-dollar making machine.

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is a ‘horror,’ movie that many people didn’t quite enjoy. But they still found the footage captivating enough to earn a Worldwide Gross of $248,300,000 and it was only given a budget of $35,000. If you’ve seen The Blair Witch Project then you know how amateur the footage and whole film is all around because of the minuscule budget. But it stands as the perfect example of why ‘less’ can be much more in the film industry. When it comes to horror films, grabbing that audience and keeping them scared with an idea that’s relatable is key. And “The Blair Witch Project,” nailed that concept.

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Mad Max (1979)

Just because Mad Max (1979) was made before (some of you) were born. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of those successful films. (If you think about it in 1979 $1,000,000 was a lot of of dough). Mad Max was given a film-budget of $200,000 and it racked a Worldwide Gross of $99,750,000. That’s a lot of money for such a small budget, don’t you think? The film featured Mel Gibson when he was playing in post-apocalyptic films.

And while it didn’t do fantastic in the USA when it came to combining it’s Worldwide earnings, it made up for what it lost in the US. Have you guys ever seen this film?

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Super Size Me (2004)

If you haven’t seen “Super Size Me,” and you love fast food (especially Mc Donald’s) then you should watch this film. (Warning: You might hate me though because it will ruin you ever wanting fast food again and then your family will hate me as well because you’ll complain if they want to go have dinner, lol). But the film “Super Size Me,” is a very simple documentary about how unhealthy fast food is for the human body. The film makes you think twice about ordering that Big Mac.

Super Size Me was given a film-budget of $65,000 and it earned a Worldwide Gross of $29,500,000. Not bad huh? Let us know if you’ve seen this film and what you thought, did you end up eating fast food again? (lol).

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Paranormal Activity

It’s almost Halloween (yay) and if you haven’t seen the Paranormal Activity films then grab your family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend and check this film out. It’s one of those films (you probably) won’t want to watch again but the spooky film was filmed with a handheld camera and became a huge hit because everybody kept talking about how scary Paranormal Activity looked from the trailer. The film was given $15,000 and earned a Worldwide Gross of $193,000,000.

That’s not bad for a horror film, is it?

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a hilarious comedy. And it did an excellent job when it came to earning some big bucks in the Box Office. The film had a high budget compared to other films (but still low considering it was made by some well-known directors) of $5,000,000 and it brought in a Worldwide gross of $368,000,000. This film seriously killed it in the Box Office (and it’s still one of my favorites). Have you seen this film? (My mom would always use the quotes in this film in real life, she’s so silly. And then she tells me to use Windex [joking] when someone gets injured).

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Once (2006)

This Irish musical directed by John Carney was given a budget of $150,000 and it brought in $19,000,000. That’s not bad for a low-budget indie film. (I haven’t seen this film yet but now it’s on my list). Let us know if you’ve seen this film in the comments below. Did you enjoy it?

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Primer (2004)

This one is a crazy low film-budget. Primer (2004) was given a budget of $7,000 and it brought in a Worldwide Gross of $565,000. That’s not bad at all for such a low-budget film. Shane Carruth knew exactly how to create such a magnificent film on such a low-budget.

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The Evil Dead (1981)

Sam Raimi killed it in the Box Office with “The Evil Dead.” It was given $375,000 and brought in a Worldwide Gross of $29,400,000. And if you haven’t seen The Evil Dead yet this has to be on your list of low-budget films to see because it’s freaking good from start to finish. (Sam Raimi, you are one of my favorites, thank you for this amazing film).

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