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Adele didn’t expect this fans killer voice!

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Adele didn’t expect this fans killer voice!


Adele has been known to invite many fans on stage. And right after they get up there and stand in front of thousands of people she makes them go above and beyond their comfort level. She has her chosen fan sing with her on stage in front of thousands of her fans. Adele literally changes people’s lives when she invites them on stage.

She creates an unforgettable memory for their family, friends and fans. And on top of that the fan gets seen by millions shining as bright as they deserve. Adele wasn’t prepared for the fan she was about to meet on stage and neither was the crowd.

It was on Tuesday night at her Los Angeles show where she invited a 24-year-old fan on stage. Jamie Grace blew Adele away when she sang because her voice was beyond perfect. If you haven’t seen the video then you can check it out below.

Blessed be.

Fan with killer voice sings with Adele kidney stones and erectile dysfunction.

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