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Noah Cyrus just got a record deal. Check it out!

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Noah Cyrus [Miley Cyrus sister] just landed a record deal!


Noah Cyrus just joined in on the family business. Miley’s little sister who is only 16-years-old and hasn’t recorded a hit yet just got signed in the entertainment industry. (That’s what’s up girl. I love hearing about other people and their success).

TMZ has reported that she’ll be getting signed on two different contracts at $350,000 to write and record new music. And then she’ll get paid $250,000 + $100,000 to write the album. But that’s not it this lucky girl will be getting with her new album because if the first one is a success story—Noah will find herself facing another $1.5 million-dollar advance.

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Dang, that’s what I’m talking about for your first job at just 16-years-old. I’m sure she’ll have a lot of really great music with a sister and the support of Miley Cyrus and her Father (I’m assuming) things will turn out just great and (it makes me wonder) will we be hearing new music or maybe a collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus?

I sure hope so—let us know in the comments below and don’t forget (if you like what you read) you can subscribe to our Newsletter.

Blessed be.


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