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Stephen Rezza pens emotional Instagram post for Christina Grimmie!

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Stephen Rezza pens emotional Instagram post for Christina Grimmie!


The world lost one incredible soul, to someone who really needed some psychological help. But we will never forget the Christ-like impression she always left on the world.

Christina Grimmie worked hard and seemed to be away from everybody she was close to while on tour. But that didn’t stop the love that Stephen Rezza and Christina Grimmie had for one another… And even 3 months after Christina Grimmie passed away, he still shares his love with his and her family, friends and fans.

Just a day ago (September 10, 2016) Stephen took to Instagram and penned an emotional [letter]. He said:

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-7-58-26-pm@stephenrezza: 3 months. 3 devastating months. I’m sitting here looking through old convos. This one from when Christina was in Canada. Before I had an iPhone. Our only form of communication at the time was Instagram and snapchat. I was driving the five highway that day with a migraine. When she found wifi, I would be on a pocket of the five that had no service and visa versa. We were desperately trying to talk to one another all day. By sundown we had finally found wifi and service simultaneously. Both our journeys finally connected. We linked up on snapchat’s FaceTime feature. I’m still driving. Homeward bound on the five. Christina was at a coffee shop in Canada, on their wifi. I had my car light on, face timing her while driving. Not smart, but totally worth it 100%. 20 minutes in I wind up getting pulled over by a cop who had been following me watching my entire convo with Christina. Got a ticket. But it was worth it. As I was pulled over I call her back and we laughed it off. Talking everyday was so important to us both that we were just glad to be able to see each others faces that night. Love matters the most. Love takes precedence over everything else. I miss you so much, Spoop. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone. This doesn’t feel real. I feel you here all the time. Holding my broken soul together. My beautiful guardian angel. My Atlas. I cannot wait until our warm hands find each other again. I cannot wait to hold you. To hold your head against my chest. I’m coming home, baby. I will see you again.💚 He stated. And he continued addressing Christina Grimmie’s fans.

Christina Grimmie continues to change the world from heaven!

Team Grimmie, Thank you all. I love you all so very much. I cannot put into words how eternally grateful I am for all of you who have reached out. I couldn’t do it without you. I truly mean it. Let’s continue to work together to make sure Christina’s dreams keep coming true. We are an extension of her. We are the reflection of her life’s work. Some really special things are coming soon. Let’s spread her name and her message across this earth like a wildfire. We’ve got to carry out Christina’s legacy. Every single day is for her. We are family now. & what a beautiful family Christina has brought together.

God bless you team Grimmie.
I love you, Christina.💚⛅️” “

The love they had for one another was endless and everything he has been working on in music has all been dedicated to Christina Grimmie. Everything he does is “for her,” like many of his Instagram posts state next to every beautiful uploaded picture. Stephen and Christina will always be one another’s first loves and nobody can change that because she will always be here with us in spirit and she’s looking down on everybody, watching, waiting and keeping a close eye on her loved ones.

What an emotional letter but the love that pours from his heart is unbreakable. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Don’t you think their love was absolutely unbreakable? (I just look up to everything he posts on Instagram, he’s really inspirational).

Please remember to always tell the ones you love, what they mean to you, we are never promised a tomorrow.

Blessed be.


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