Lady Gaga, new song ‘Perfect Illusion’ & her latest radio interview!

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Lady Gaga, New Song “Perfect Illusion,” & her latest radio interview!

Lady Gaga: Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga has been traveling, performing her new single “Perfect Illusion,” and going to interviews. She’s been looking good doing it too with her toned body and positive attitude.

The 30-year-old singer and songwriter spent some time in London on Sunday (September 11, 2016) and while she was there, she loving greeted as many of her “monsters,” [her fans] as time allowed. Lady Gaga has always been about meeting her fans and getting to know them because each and everyone of her fans are unique in their own way.

Lady Gaga is never afraid to embrace her ‘little monsters,’ and show them off to the world. Gaga, you’re seriously a sweetie.

During the weekend Gaga surprised Moth Club and performed her new single “Perfect Illusion.” And it just so happened to be her first time singing the song LIVE! (I wonder how that felt because ‘anything,’ for the first time is always fun—safe things, of course and if you haven’t seen the video, just check it out below).  Lady Gaga has also kicked off Monday to a great start as she sent out a few Snapchats confirming a radio interview in New York with Z100!

Lady Gaga new song “Perfect Illusion,” LIVE! ]

And Lady Gaga is even working hard on her acting. If you missed it, Gaga will be starring in the upcoming season of American Horror Story. There isn’t a lot of information known about the season (a lot of speculation though). At least we have the latest trailer (which pretty much is all the trailers in one) but it’s still a teaser, so check that out below and let us know what you thought in the comments below! Lady Gaga, new song? Are you excited? Let us know about that as well.

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Illusion | American Horror Story Season 6 PROMO | FX

Lady Gaga, new song “Perfect Illusion,” LIVE!

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