Christian Cuevas blew us away on The Voice! Check it out!

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Christian Cuevas blew us away on The Voice! Check it out!

Christian Cuevas is one amazing guy and he got the attention of the judges pretty quick. And let’s not forget that standing ovation he got for “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You,” during Monday’s The Voice season 11 premiere.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-10-37-36-amThe 20-year-old sang beautifully and we’re glad that he caught the attention of the judges because he’s going to do great on The Voice. Cuevas had perfect range and his version of Michael Bolton’s ballad. And by the end of the whole thing he had Adam Levine and Blake Shelton standing on their feet. They loved it, especially Blake. He said:

“I am absolutely hypnotized by this guy’s personality coming through. One thing that Record Industry looks for is a voice that doesn’t sound like anybody else.” He stated, “You sold me dude.”

Adele didn’t expect this fans killer voice! ]

And Alicia Keys loved the emotion. She asked:

“How did you get that emotion?”

And that’s when Christian Cuevas shared that his Father passed away a year ago. Emotion can seriously amplify any of your talents and as long as you use emotions for a positive reason you can make some the biggest impacts in the world. We’re so glad that Christian blew the judges away and we know that his Father is proud of him, looking down on him every-day, watching and waiting to see his son follow his dreams. Don’t you think that would be a dads biggest dream?

I’m sure his dad is the proudest angel in heaven right now. Keep up the great work man.

If you haven’t seen the performance you can check it out below. Did you have a favorite artist from last night? Let us know in the comments and (if you like what you read) don’t forget to subscribe to ur positive celebrity gossip Newsletter.

Blessed be.

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