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Drake’s new short-film “Please Forgive Me,” just dropped! Check it out!

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Drake’s new short-film “Please Forgive Me,” just dropped! Check it out!


Drake surprised his family, friends and fans this morning by dropping his highly anticipated short film “Please Forgive Me.” The short-film is only a 23-minute visual but it’s amazing. And if you’ve seen the director’s (Anthony Mandler) work, you would know exactly what we’re talking about because Anthony Mandler is an excellent director and this new short-film “Please Forgive Me,” is proof.

Drake’s new short-film “Please Forgive Me.”

Drake’s new short-film “Please Forgive Me,” was filmed in a week in Soweto township in Johannesburg, South Africa. And it has some pretty amazing stars including Kyla Reid, Popcaan, Fanny Neguesha and Soni Chidiebere. If you guys haven’t seen the short-film you can check it out below. The cutie took to Twitter and uploaded a teaser video of “Please Forgive Me.” He

“@Drake: #PleaseForgiveMe — A Film Inspired by The Album Views. Available now only on @AppleMusic. http://apple.co/PleaseForgiveMe”

Drake got an amazing response from his fans. One user (@aubreyphat) tweeted:

“Hey Daddy, that sh*t was lit.”


Drake’s new short-film “Please Forgive Me,” is about a scheme to make some extra money but of course, things go wrong very quickly. And then the whole situation explodes. Please Forgive Me is an excellent and entertaining short-film that keeps you engaged on the edge of your seat. Everything from the intense music to the camera angles and body language speak to you in this new short-film.

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Let’s just say the comments rolling in for his new short film aren’t bad at all and the cinematography for “Please Forgive Me,” is phenomenal. Have you guys seen Drake’s new short-film? If you have let us know what you thought of Drake’s new short-film “Please Forgive Me,” in the comments below. What was your favorite part of the short-film?  Don’t forget to subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter. It’s easier to stay up-to-date on the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

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