Justin Bieber’s Spotify news and the remainder of his Purpose Tour! Check it out!

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Justin Bieber’s Spotify news and the remainder of his Purpose Tour! Check it out!


Justin Bieber has worked his way to the top and we’re pretty sure he’s going to pleased when waking up today because we just found out some great news. The Biebs has found himself listed as “Spotify’s top artist of the day,” with over 11, 181, 649 streams. That’s a lot of listening ears. We’re so glad to see that his music is doing a great job on all music platforms. Did you guys know that if you turn on the radio there’s an 88% chance during your drive, shower or whatever you’re doing that you’ll hear a Justin Bieber song?

If you don’t call that success, I don’t know what else you can call it? We’re super proud that he’s Saturday’s top artist of the day because he deserves it. He’s been out on his Purpose Tour 2016 and just wrapped up in Stockholm, Sweden on September 30, 2016. And on October 2, 2016 fans will be able to see Justin Bieber performing in Denmark at the Telia Parken Stadium. Fans who have already attended the concert can’t get enough and have even called it “the best concert of my life.”

It was just a couple of months ago that Lisa left a review on Ticket Master. She said:

“This concert was by far the best concert of my life. It was even better than the Believe Tour show I went to. Justin did an amazing job. I want to relive that night over and over again.”

And Mc27 was all in it to see Justin Bieber. She said:

“JB did a wonderful job once he arrived on stage. His voice sounded amazing and the performance he gave was memorable!”

If you haven’t had a chance to catch Justin Bieber yet then you might be able to if you live in one of the area’s he’ll be going to next on the Purpose Tour. Justin will be performing until November 25, 2016 ending in Lisbon, Portugal.

The remainder of Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour:

10/2 – Copenhagen, Denmark
10/5 – Antwerp, Belgium
10/6 – Antwerp, Belgium
10/8 – Arnhem, Netherlands
10/11 – London, England
10/12 – London, England
10/17 – Birmingham, England
10/18 – Birmingham, England
10/20 Manchester, England
10/21 Manchester, England
10/26 – Sheffield, England
10/27 – Glagow, Scotland
11/1 – Dublin, Ireland
11/8 – Vienna, Austria
11/11 – Krakow, Poland
11/12 Prague, Czech Republic
11/14 – Hamburg, Germany
11/16 – Frankfurt, Germany
11/17 – Zurich, Switzerland
11/19 – Bologna, Italy
11/20 – Bologna, Italy
11/22 Barcelona, Spain
11/23 – Madrid, Spain
11/25 – Lisbon, Portugal

And we’re betting we’ll see some new pictures of Justin Bieber playing soccer in these countries. Let us know if you plan on attending any of these dates in the comments below. And don’t forget you can subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter. It’s easier to stay up-to-date on the latest entertainment news.

Blessed be.


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