What you need to know about the Kim Kardashian robbery.

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By lauraramonique

What you need to know about the Kim Kardashian robbery.


The Monday morning headlines ran “Kim Kardashian Robbed at gunpoint.” And (i’m assuming) millions of jaws across the world dropped to the floor. Yes, that is real news and this is not a hoax. Kim Kardashian was, in fact, robbed at gunpoint, tied up and pushed into the bathroom and placed in the tub while the thieves could follow through with their plan.

But that was on Kim Kardashian’s mind was her babies. That just goes to prove that not only is she an amazing person but a wonderful mother and wife.

Apparently Kim was locked in the bathroom and during the robbery it’s been speculated by an E! News source that she begged the men to let her live because she had children at home. They said:

“She begged for them to let her live and [said] she has babies at home. Then they wrapped her mouth in tape and put her in the bathtub. She thought they were for sure going to kill her.”

It’s been reported that the two men left with just her possessions and she wasn’t harmed (thank goodness).


The two men who were working to rob Kim Kardashian were also working with three other who were able to over power the hotels staff and allow their partners to continue with the Kim Kardashian. After they successful stole everything they felt was valuable they [five of them] sped away on their bikes. This is not a joking or laughing matter, these are the same people who walk into 7/11 and markets where we all go and could potentially hold us and others at gunpoint. If you’re in the Paris area and know anything please contact local officials and be sure to stay safe as we live in a crazy world.

Blessed be.


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