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Bella Thorne isn’t letting Hollywood change her sexuality! Check it out!

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Bella Thorne isn’t letting Hollywood change her sexuality! Check it out!

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-30-27-pmBella Throne has been opening up about her sexuality and how the entertainment industry doesn’t quite dig that she’s open up about her sexuality. The 19-year-old actress came out on Twitter about being bisexual after a fan inquired about a photo of her kissing a girl in August this year.

And she isn’t one to hold back when it comes to any LGBT rights. She opened up to Maxim about her thoughts on her sexuality. She said:

“I didn’t even think about it. A fan on Twitter asked me, and I’m super open about it. So I just said, “Yeah!” She told the magazine. “It is hard in this business for us. It really is. I have already had people talk shit to me. And it comes from people in the industry, not even fans. I’ve had studios tell me my image is too “out there,” hinting at it but not really saying it.”

And even the studios have had something to say about her coming out on social media. She said:

“People tell me all the time about my social media and my Snapchat, but I’m not going to change myself for this business, and I’m not going to change myself for anyone else.”

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That’s what’s up right there, you shouldn’t ever have to change yourself for a better job or opportunity. It’s important to be proud of who you are at this very moment and never think that changing yourself because of others opinions or assumptions. We’re glad that Bella Thorne doesn’t mind talking about her sexuality and it’s awesome to see that she isn’t going to be changing just for the entertainment industry.

And when it comes to her celebrity crushes, she didn’t hold back. She said:

“Demi Lovato. I must say…rawrrrr. She is a pretty toasty woman. Miley Cyrus, too. She’s dope. But Demi is fire, just fire.”

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Blessed be.


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