Sean Hayes opens up about coming out of the closet. Check it out!

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Sean Hayes opens up about coming out of the closet. Check it out!

Sean Hayes has been one of my favorite characters since he played the unforgettable role on “Will & Grace,” but did you know he was still in the closet during the time he played on the show? The handsome 46-year-old actor didn’t come out of the closet until after the series was completed and totally off the air.

And now he’s opening up about the whole situation during the 2016 Outfest Legacy Awards on Sunday. Sean was presented with ascreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-47-32-pmn award on October 23, 2016 and he’s opened up about not coming out sooner. He said:

“[The press release] said that I took the stereotypical gay sissy and made him human, lovable, flawed and real. While this may be true, I think you should’ve led with flawed because at the time, I was a young closeted actor having his first taste of a little success and unfortunately, in my mind, my lucky break was inextricably tied to me thinking that i had to stay in the closet in order to keep moving forward,” Sean said in his speech (via THR). “Looking back at my choice to stay silent, I am ashamed and embarrassed. What was I thinking? As If any of you had any doubts. I mean, right, could a straight actor ever do this…?”

“When it comes to night’s like tonight and honors like this, I’m consumed with what I didn’t do,” Sean continued. “I know I should’ve come out sooner and I’m sorry for that. Especially when I think about the possibility that I might have made a difference in someone’s life. I would probably be able to sleep a lot better than I do if I had acted sooner, but such is life. We learn our lessons only when we are ready.”

I think he’s amazingly brave to talk about his past. Sean didn’t owe us an apology but he certainly knows that there are people in the world still struggling with their sexuality and that’s why he’s opened up and we couldn’t be happier because we’re sure it will inspire many people in the world.

 [ LGBT Community Deserves Acceptance, Love & Marriage ]

It’s so important to love yourself and never be ashamed of who you are because as people in the world we shouldn’t be judging, we should be walking with our family and friends in support and with love. Let us know what you thought of the ceremony and don’t forget to subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter. It’s easier to stay up-to-date on the latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip.

Blessed be.


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