Serena and Venus Williams are standing up against abuse in Compton!

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Serena and Venus Williams are standing up against abuse in Compton!

Venus and Serena Williams are working hard in their hometown. And they are wanting to make some big changes. Did you know that these two pro tennis players were actually victims of violence in their community at one time in the past? And now they have made a huge commitment by investing in “The Yetunde Price Resource Center,” which will help connect residents in Compton who have been affected by any type of abuse. It will also helps its victims develop plans for success and help them connect with other agencies to help further their growth and healing.

The Compton mayor (Aja Brown) has opened up about Venus and Serena Williams. She said:

“This is an incredible investment and commitment by Serena and Venus Williams, and I commend them for their desire to helpscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-7-51-33-am children and families in Compton thrive. The resource center will serve as vital support to existing nonprofits and organizations that provide critical services to our community. I understand first-hand the power of partnership, and I am confident that the resource center will play a major role in breaking down silos in our community by facilitating key partnerships to increase asset leveraging and expanding the impact of services. The resource center will be able to map all of the resources in and around the Compton community while providing customized assistance that will be a vital asset to improving our ability to service our youth, adults and families.”

And it gets even better, Gatorade has teamed up and they are freshening up two of the cities tennis courts. They will be dedicating these courts to both of the Williams sisters and will be revealed to the Compton community during their “Healthy Compton Community Festival,” on Saturday (November 12, 2016).

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Don’t you think this will make a huge difference for those living in Compton? Change takes one step at a time and it’s so great to see that people are getting invovled in changing the community for the better. Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget (if you like what you’re reading) you can subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter. It’s easier to stay up-to-date on the latest film and entertainment news.

Blessed be.


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