Selena Gomez inspires the world to stay strong through depression!

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Selena Gomez inspires the world to stay strong through depression!

Selena Gomez has broken her social media silence and we couldn’t be happier for her because she’s helping so many others with her personal experience. Family, friends and fans have expressed how proud they are of Selena for enduring her battles with strength. And even though it’s been a rough year of battling anxiety and Lupus she’s more thankful than ever.

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-10-50-23-amSelena took to Instagram and expressed how thankful she is even though it’s been one of the hardest years in her life. She said:

“@selenagomez: I have a lot to be thankful for this year.. My year has been the hardest yet most rewarding one yet. I’ve finally fought the fight of not ‘being enough’. I have only wanted to reflect the love you guys have given me for years and show how important it is to take care of YOU. By grace through faith. Kindness always wins. I love you guys. God bless”

This girl is a fighter. How many times have you found yourself feeling like life is hard and you can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel? I’m sure we’ve all been there at one point or another and it isn’t easy. And sometimes you can have everything and still feel down but it’s just like Selena Gomez said about not having to stay broken. You have to just be strong and keep fighting the good fight.

And if you really think about it, this proves that money isn’t everything. What you do in life and how you carry yourself will determine your level of happiness. There are so many people in the world who don’t have a lot, the bare minimum and they are the happiest people I’ve ever met. Having an unlimited amount of money, a huge home, cars and the latest fashion might feel nice but it should never determine your happiness and will to live.

I’m certain that Sel wants us to learn from her trials and to appreciate the things we have in our life. She wants us to know we are worth it and we deserve to feel loved and to love ourselves. It’s vital to remember your importance because you being here, it matters.

Life can get pretty funky sometime and it can be hard to understand why but it does get better. I hope you guys never forget it and if you do feel down, talk to someone you trust. And always remember that you can contact the suicide hotline and stay anonymous. If you’ve ever been through some hard times in your life, feel free to share them below. You never know who will read your story and feel inspired. Your story could change someones whole perspective.

Blessed be.

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