Tim Tebow opens up about faith, God and hardships in his new book!

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Tim Tebow opens up about faith, God and hardships in his new book!

Tim Tebow recently wrote a new book and it really shows just how much faith he has in his life. The book “Shaken: Discovering Your True identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms,” shows so much faith in God.

Tim Tebow opens up about his trust in God and how he knows that God directs his life’s path. There have been many trials that Tim Tebow covers, including being cut from his career. He wrote:

Tim Tebow recently wrote a new book and it really shows just how much faith he has in his life.

“I can’t tell you why bad things happen or why our dreams and plans shatter. It’s an age-old question that people have asked for centuries and will continue to try to answer, debate, and write books about. This is something Job talked about in the Bible, struggled with.” he wrote. “Though most of us haven’t gone through the intense level of suffering he had, most of us can relate to his questions, to his struggle with wanting to know why God would orchestrate tragedy.”

Tim Tebow is honest, open and doesn’t mind showing his weaknesses in his new book. It really brings to light what a great man he strives to be, regardless of what trials he faces. And there is a lot he had to say about having faith, accepting God and never giving up when life gets hard. He wrote:

“If your world is shaken and you feel lost and heartbroken in your pain, accept God’s gift of salvation,” he says in his book. “He offers you a new life, an abundant life. A life in union with Him. A life of meaning. A life of purpose. A life of joy. Yes, even in the midst of suffering.”

“In those places of doubt and even of darkness, I’ve realized that who I am has nothing to do with wins or losses, applause, or negative criticism. It has to do with whose I am. Knowing this, I can live out what the king of ancient Israel wrote in Psalm 16:8: ‘I have set the Lord continually before me; Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.'”

“Whatever you may struggle with — and all of us struggle with something — in not having enough or anything good enough, know this: With Jesus, you have everything,” Tebow explains in his book. “With Him, you have what it takes to fulfill a purpose. You may not have graced the covers of fashion magazines, you may not have a million dollars in the bank, you may not be Tom Brady or Michael Jordan or Taylor Swift or Chris Tomlin or Mother Teresa, but you have something. And with God, that’s more than enough.”

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“When we strive to be just like everyone else, we never have a chance to be special. When you start to embrace and even celebrate how special and different God made you, you can begin to do extraordinary things. You can being to see yourself through His eyes. You can begin to live in the uniqueness with which you were created. You can be motivated and inspired to go against the grain. What does that mean? … When you see injustice and everyone else turns a blind eye, try to make it right.”

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