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SPOILER: Gilmore Girls may have more episodes coming your way!

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SPOILER: Gilmore Girls may have more episodes coming your way!


Gilmore girls creator Amy Sherman Palladino recently did an interview about the end of the series. And she’s hinting that there might be a chance at some more episodes.

“I always wanted [the story] to end in a Life Repeats Itself kind of way. The daughter following in the mother’s footsteps,” Amy told TV Line about Rory (Alexis Bledel) revealing that Rory is pregnant. “I always thought that was an interesting way to go, with these women who are so tied to each other and who make slightly different choices, but find themselves in interesting situations together. Because they are not like any normal mother and daughter. I wouldn’t have made her a teenage mother. But I thought [it made sense that] after college and right before she’s about to embark on her life that this would happen.”

Serioulsy, that sounds like a good way to continue to series. She continued:

“By the way, Rory doesn’t have to keep the baby. There are choices here that she can make. It’s just the left turn. It’s that curveball that life throws you,” Amy added.

But when she was asked about the possibility of more episodes, she opened up saying “No one is talking about that right now. We’re all very tired. I have to finish this Amazon pilot which I’m very proud of. Dan and I have been in a Gilmore cocoon for a year and a half. It’s been very intense. So we’re stepping back now. We’re happy it’s out. We’re happy we can talk about it.”

“When people were talking about a Gilmore movie [after the original series ended] I was always like, “That’s not going to happen.” But I wasn’t going to say no. Because… why say no to anything?”

Susane Lee of Gilmore Girls creating powerful new series ‘susaneLand!’ ]

What do you guys think? Do you guys think there’s a possibility of more Gilmore Girls? How would it be to see Rory’s life go forward? Of course, this is all speculation, it’s fun to think about, right?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Blessed be.

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