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Tim McGraw and Faith Hills welcome daughters home for Christmas!

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughters will be home for the holidays!


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill deserve to be on the face of a Billboard magazine cover with their family reunion story because their girls will all be home for the holidays. Christmas is a special time at Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s residence. And this year is going to be a little extra special for their the whole family.

Tim McGraw and Faith hill have three daughters. Grace and Maggie are the oldest and attending college. Which means that they only have their youngest daughter (Audrey) living at home full-time.
The oldest girls absolutely love Christmas time and have already requested that their parents ‘put out the Christmas village this year.’ Faith opened up about her daughters request. She said:
“They’ve already made their request about, ‘Are we going to have this, are we gonna have that setup where it was last year? Are you going to put out the [Christmas] village this year?’”

The girls love when their parents decorate. Tim added, ““They’re hinting that just because we’re gone doesn’t mean you’re not going to do the house like you always do when they were kids. So, they still want the house to look like it did when they lived there and they were kids. They want to be able to come home and still feel like it always has to them.”

And Audrey is absolutely adorable asking Tim “Do the sisters have to come home for Christmas?”

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Isn’t that absolutely hilarious? This story should take the Billboard magazine cover. It’s a story that just makes you smile and it’s so relatable. Life goes and goes and it doesn’t stop turning. There’s school, work and other obligations that keep so many of us away from those we love. And we all have that one sibling that likes to make fun. And don’t forget Tim and Faith have an amazing Christmas album titled “Joy to the World.” You can fire that baby up and dance around the living room while celebrating these joyous times!

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Blessed be.

Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind (Official Video)

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