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What Iraq does to prevent LGBT equality & how you can help!

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What Iraq does to prevent LGBT equality & how you can help!

Did you know that in 71 countries it’s still a crime to be in a same-sex relationship? And no country offers FULL equal rights. The worst part about this fight is that people are willing to kill in order to make sure LGBT men and women aren’t able to follow their hearts. Kill lists are being created by militia. They use these lists to track down people who are suspected of being gay and they murder those they feel may have LGBTQ tendencies.

How sad is that? The fact that you simply cannot be yourself without the fear of being beat up, bullied or even murdered is unacceptable. But that’s wscreen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-09-31-pmhere All Out comes into the picture.

“All Out is bringing people power to the global movement for love and equality. We petition world leaders and global organizations while using creative tactics – online and offline – to advance the fight for the rights of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. “

You can visit their website AllOut.org and help make a difference by signing petitions and doing your best to spread the word. It’s time for equality, everywhere in the world. Killing, bullying and hurting others because they have a different lifestyle shouldn’t be common anywhere in the world. Let’s take a stand against this hate.

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“In every country in the world, we are leveraging the immense power of digital and social media to to push back against anti-LGBT actions and win real victories for equality,” Andre Banks, co-founder and Executive Director of AllOut.org stated. “The global movement for equality is growing stronger every day. Even in countries where identifying as LGBT or supporting equality is highly dangerous, courageous individuals are standing up for love and justice with the support of All Out members around the world.”

Have you ever been a victim of bullying because you identify as LGBTQ? Let us know in the comments below. You never know how your story can help someone else. And don’t forget to subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter.
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