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Signs of Alcoholism: Substance Abuse doesn’t have to control you!

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Signs of Alcoholism: Substance Abuse doesn’t have to control you!

Alcoholism can be a real problem and if you look for the signs of alcoholism then you are on the right track for helping those family and friends you feel might be in a repeating circle of substance abuse. Did you know that over 16.3 million adults from the age of 18 have abused alcohol to “feel better?” It’s sad that so many people have to turn to a substance to feel better but it’s also important to remember that we are not all perfect and we all make mistakes.

The truth is we all have our problems and sometimes alcoholism can develop before we can get away from the problem. But if you’re aware of the signs of alcoholism then you can better prepare those you love to the recovery road. Remember substance abuse can be embarrassing and it’s vital that you don’t make a person feel bad for their trials.

The signs of alcoholism

Are you worried that you or your loved one might be showing signs of alcoholism? Below are some of the signs and symptoms to look for when attempting to discover if you or someone you know has a substance abuse problem.

1. Lying About Drink or Hiding Your Drinking Problem

Denial is one of the largest issues of those with substance abuse.

Alcoholics tend to drink in secret and lie about how much they drink to make it sound like it’s not an issue. This can make it hard for you to help because the person can become offended if you accuse them of having any signs of alcoholism. But this is one of the most important signs because it can also mean there is a more serious problem with the person that might be causing them to drink.

Do you feel that you lie about your drinking to keep your family at bay? Do you find that you feel better about your problems after you drink? And do you ever catch yourself feeling desperate to drink just to feel ‘a little better?’ This could be a big red flag for you or your loved ones. If you feel that you might have a substance abuse problem it’s always a good idea to talk to someone you trust.

2. Drinking to Relax or Feel Better Are Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism starts with the thought of “I love to drink because it makes me feel better,” and “It helps me face my problems in a calmer manner.” It’s not okay to drown yourself in alcohol to feel better. In fact, it often makes you feel worse and you may not even realize it. If you feel that you might be drinking to “feel better,” you should talk to someone.

Did you know they even have private numbers you can call and talk to someone about your problem? They even have online websites that you can visit to talk about your substance abuse and hopefully locate an alcohol anonymous group in your area. It’s the first step to recovery and you can do it.

3. Blacking Out Are Signs of Alcoholism

Do you find that you drink until you black out or you can remember most of your night? This could be a huge sign that you or your friend might have a problem. If you don’t have any memory of what might have happened the night before, then this should be a big red flag. Simply put, you’re drinking way too much and your body isn’t liking the after effects. It’s important to ask yourself “What might be making me feel this way?”

Remember, you don’t need to black out to have fun, so what’s the real cause?

4. Being unable to Stop Once You Start Drinking Are Signs of Alcoholism

If you’ve always finished a bottle of alcohol once it’s opened this might be another red flag of substance abuse. If you’re drinking all the beer once it’s opened then you might have a drinking problem.

5. Drinking More Than You Used To Are Clear Signs of Alcoholism

Tolerance doesn’t just happen for no reason. Tolerance is a big red flag to substance abusers. This is a key sign of addiction and a sign of alcoholism. So, if you find that you are drinking more than you used to and you need that extra drink or two to get the same feeling you did before you became an alcoholic then you might need to take a step back and reevaluate.

This means your body is exposed to alcohol so much that it’s used to the amount and needs more to get the same feeling you had in the beginning.

If you feel like you might have a substance abuse problem it’s important to get help and to never be ashamed. These things can happen and all you need is a little support to get through it. There are so many people who have gone through the issue and have come out even stronger in the end. You can contact your local rehab or even attend an alcohol anonymous group near you.

Healing is right around the corner, be strong and you can and will overcome alcoholism. It doesn’t have to control you because you are strong.

Blessed be.

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