Liam Payne confirms ‘One Direction’ will reunite!

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By lauraramonique

Liam Payne confirms ‘One Direction’ will reunite!

Liam Payne has given One Direction fans some hope for the holiday season.

It was early this morning when Liam held a #askliam Twitter chat. And he’s officially put rumors that One Direction will not being getting back together, to rest. A fan asked if the group would ever be reuniting and his response was everything we wished to hear! He said:

“I’m 100% certain that we will.”

One Direction has been working on a lot of projects, including some solo projects but the fact that they will be working together again soon makes us all smile. I think that just those simple words have brought a lot of happiness to those who family, friends and fans of One Direction.

Will One Direction ever get back together?! Niall Horan confirms the news! ]

Are you guys excited for the confirmation? Let us know in the comments below.

Blessed be.


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