Using social media marketing to engage customers!

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Using social media marketing to engage customers!

Have you ever found yourself wondering “What can I do to get more engagement from my target audience?” You’ve probably heard how important it is to engage your customers in order to ‘make it big,’ without having to pay other websites to feature your content. The good news is with a little bit of knowledge and understanding you can your engage targeted audience and reach more of your goal conversions.

Yes, it’s that simple, social media marketing boils down to engagement. And the big question is “how do I engage targeted customers” We’ve created a list of ways to provide you with the knowledge you need to help kick start your social media marketing goals.

1. Are you asking questions?

When you start asking your targeted audience questions, this creates a chain reaction of responses, increasing social media engagement on your posts. You should always be looking to ask questions that will provoke thoughts in your readers minds. These questions should always be positive, open-ended and relate to your business.

A good example of an open-ended question for a t-shirt website would be “What should our next limited time t-shirt be?” and not “What’s your favorite t-shirt style?” Do you see how it leaves the customer thinking about what they want to see out of your company? These questions will get social media engagement and comments because people love to share their thoughts and ideas.

A great website to use when doing research for social media engagement questions can be found here:

2. Be Real

When you’re attempting to create a better social media marketing strategy. It’s important to “be real.” That means don’t just be a person behind a computer screen. You want to get out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and talk to your customers. Use all the interactions you have available to reach out and engage targeted audiences.

People love to talk and communicate and tend to come back when they feel heard. This alone can help your social media engagement increase.

3. Give something away

This is a fun way to get engagement from your audience. Everybody loves to get free stuff. One great way to increase your social media marketing engagement is by holding a contest. One great example is businesses that sell jewelry, t-shirts, stickers and even movie companies will hold contests to their customers like “Our 100th new follower will receive free stickers.” Or “The 10th person to share our article will get free promotion from us.” Usually, people will begin to engage with you for those free promotions or products. And this will in turn, increase your visibility and creating better social media marketing for your business.

4. Humor

If you can make someone laugh then you can make someone listen. This is very true when it comes to the online world. People usually get online for a few reasons, to talk to others, to purchase something or simply, for entertainment. If you can get someone laughing then you’ll have them leaving comments, sharing your content and loving your products.

Business have began using humor to engage their customers, creating memes with their products or goal is a great way to people talking about your website or business.

5. Promoting guest content

Did you know that businesses will often partner with others in order to cross promote content? Social media marketing requires you to create a community. You don’t just want to promote your own content, you should share other people’s work as well. It doesn’t matter whether you use a tweet, write a blog post or even compliment something a competitor achieved. This tactic works by creating community. It’s the perfect way to get others engaging with your business as well.

6. Use Reddit’s AMA (Ask-Me-Anythings)

This social media marketing tactic has started to work for many businesses. The goal is to allow readers and those interested in your company to learn more about you by asking their own questions. You allow your audience to ask personal questions live. And this makes customers feel more comfortable because they are able to learn what your goals are right away, creating trust.

Check out Reddit and how they use “AMA,” to increase their social media engagement here:

7. Use #hashtags

The truth is social media is run by hashtags and that’s why it’s important that you include them in your campaigning for social media engagement. Hashtags allow your brand to get more views. When you use a hashtag, you can quickly tweet something to the public which will be sent out to everybody using those similar hashtags, attracting them to your business. And with just a little bit of practice, humor and honesty, your social media marketing and engagement will take a boost.

It’s important to remember that these tips take time and you won’t see results the first day you begin implementing them to your business. But if you are consistent and continue to work on your goal to engage targeted customers, you will have success.

Twitter is the perfect place to use hashtags, check out the different tags used on Twitter for social media engagement here:

Social media marketing doesn’t have one perfect answer. But it does have a lot of tips you can try and implement into your company. Depending on your company goals you’ll want to tailor each of these tips to fit your company needs and goals. The fact is every company has a different goal and a different audience. It’s important to ask questions that will make your audience and potential customers use their mind. Thought-provoking questions will always cause some talk and any talking about your brand is promotion. And when you share guest content with credit, you can be sure that others are willing to do the same in return for your business. Letting customers approach you is a great tactic because it allows them to feel safe, they get answers right away, they learn how your business works and they’ll more likely want to do business with you because of your honesty. Lastly, hashtags will spread your business like wild-fire. Using these techniques will bring you much closer to getting the proper engagement with your business.

All you have to do is be real, use humor, ask questions, promote guest content, let customers ask you questions, and implement some hashtags and you’ll see an increase in engagement.

Good luck!

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