VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon & Matthew McConaughy act out hilarious skit!

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VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon & Matthew McConaughy act out hilarious skit!

Jimmy Fallon has a way of turning your frowns upside down. He’s always getting creative on The Tonight Show and it’s always filled with skits that are enjoyable. Last night wasn’t different, Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Fallon took it to the next level by acting out a script that was written by kids.

The 47-year-old and Jimmy Fallon took on the segment “Kid Theater,” where they both read scenes together, each scene was written by kids from an elementary school. It’s was awesome.

Matthew also had the opportunity to talk about his holiday plans with his gorgeous wifey Camila Alves and their adorable kiddos Livingston (3), Levi (8) and Vida. He said:

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“We’re headed to Brazil tomorrow morning. My wife’s from there so we go there to see her family, we’ve done it many times,” Matthew told Jimmy. “We go over, we get the fastest four cylinder van we can find and load it up. All of us are in one room and we work it out. Last time, the five of us slept on a couple twin beds. We work it out.”

Haha, how awesome. Check out the hilarious skit below and don’t forget to let us know what part you loved the best.

Blessed be and happy holidays!

Kid Theater with Matthew McConaughey

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