Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom bless patients at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital!

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom bless patients at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have blessed the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

On Tuesday Katy Perry and Orlando dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus. The couple spoke to the children and their parents. They also posed for pictures and even sang a few Christmas songs with the patients.

How adorable is that? The holidays can be a tough time for those who have children and loved one’s in the hospital. It’s super awesome and inspiring to see Katy and Orlando getting out there and making a difference in the world. I just love it when talent give back to the world.

Did you know both Orlando and Katy Perry have been honored at children’s organizations like UNCIEF? And it was just recently at the annual Snowflake Ball, Katy Perry was warded the “Humanitarian Award.”

Katy Perry opened up about her light to E News! She said:

“I try to take my light—whatever kind of global light of I have, whether it’s on social media or any kind of influence—I try and steer that to what those people need and just bring awareness. This is just the beginning, and I’m really honored.”

And we’re sure that the children won’t forget their amazing acts of kindness. Plus, they’ll have pictures to remember for a lifetime.

Don’t you think it’s amazing when talent go out and surprise their fans? That’s what’s up you guys, we are super proud of ya’ll. Keep up the great work.

Blessed be.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Visit Children’s Hospital | E! News

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