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Ellen DeGeneres inspires Sudan Refugee to follow her dreams! Inspiring!

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Ellen DeGeneres inspires Sudan Refugee to follow her dreams! Inspiring!

The Ellen Show always seems to inspire it’s viewers and now Ellen has managed to inspire Ekhlas Ahmed, a refugee from Darfur, Sudan to become a teacher.

Ekhlas Ahmed was inspired by The Ellen show and that’s even how she learned English. It’s quite inspirational to see that Ekhlas never gave up on her dreams. And it’s inspiring to see that Ellen DeGeneres continues to make a positive difference on her family, friends and fans.

Ekhlas Ahmed opened up about why Ellen helped her learn English. She said:

“I wanted to write it because I wanted to let you know how I felt,” Ekhlas told Ellen as she fought back tears. “I was a senior in college and I was thinking, besides my parents, who was the person that helped me get here? Who was that person? And I couldn’t think of anybody except for you! So I decided to write you a letter.”

Ekhlas attended school and became an AmeriCorps ESL teacher at Casco Bay High School in her new hometown of Portland, Maine.

“It is so important for me to be there for the students and for me to be a role model for them, because when I was their age, I didn’t have someone that was an immigrant from Africa, an immigrant who went through college and graduated, and didn’t speak English but now is in a classroom in front of them, so I wanted to give them that,” she stated.

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And there’s even more to her story, Ekhlas is also an activist who has spoken about United Nations about the genocide happening in her home country of Sudan. She wanted to find a creative way to help the people of Sudan by creating a calender with facts about her students and their homelands. Every purchase goes toward building a school in Sudan.

Ellen took the project to the next level and made it available for purchase on her online store. And she even decided to help Ekhlas with a check to cover her school debt, totaling in $22,000.

Seriously, Ellen has inspired so many people in the world to do what’s right, to help others and to never give up on their dreams. We’re so glad to see that people in other countries are influenced by The Ellen Show and her positive influence.

What do you guys think? Has Ellen Degeneres ever influenced you in a positive way? Let us know in the comments below.

Blessed be.

Ellen inspires Ekhlas to become a teacher!

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