5 things that happen after a breakup

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5 things that happen after a breakup

The hardest part just came to a warp.

Just think about all the horrible memories, the arguing, blame games, negotiating, disagreements that never end and even mental abuse and violence. These poisonous relationships are doing nothing more than damaging the person you are mean to become in life. And we call deserve to reach our full potential.

The worst part of this whole journey has finally come to a close and you can begin to focus on the negative memories to help you grow and create new memories. And eventually forgive because it does take two for things to fall apart and it’s always better to end every relationship, divorces, friendship and commitment with the same respect it began.

After all, life isn’t about keeping score of the people you didn’t ‘click,’ with, ya know? It’s about keeping score of all the fun times you’ve had, how much you’ve grown and celebrate the wonderful person you are and the new journey you’re about to embark.

Realize, sometimes you were both meant for more than you could give one another.



You can focus on other goals.

Yeah, I know sometimes when you’re trying to get over a breakup the thought of responsibility sucks. But the truth is, the sooner I jumped back up on my feet, I started to feel more accomplished in life. I felt as though my co-dependency took a dip and I started learning how to navigate real life based on my own wants and dreams, not somebody else’s desires.

This is your life. That means the memories you create on a daily basis are the stories you’re going to tell your future grandkids or friends.

Why not make them positive and push for goals rather than sitting in your room watching the latest show of “AWKWARD,” on Hulu. It’ll just make it harder to become happy again. But do remember, talk to a friend or family member.

You never have to face life alone and if you feel alone, there are so many options and places to rant like Reddit. You can ask reddit for advice, rant and just share your story. And there other people who have been through the same circumstances can help give you advice and lift you up to have faith and believe that life is about to become amazing.

Then you’ll be able to help others with your story.

You can begin to focus on pampering yourself again.

Maybe this sounds a little silly. But think about times in your relationship when you wanted to go do something for yourself but you were the one who did pretty much every chore in the house, paid all the bills, went to work to provide for your significant other and never had time to simply pamper yourself like you deserve.

This can go for both men and women. Some girls are so controlling they don’t let their love go out and enjoy ‘guy time,’ with their friends. It’s healthy and if you have to question your love and trust with your man then why are you together in the first place?

And women, when is the last time you had a pedi or a girls day out? Are you always just doing the same routine, going to work, coming home, making dinner and watching your dude play video games?

There’s more to life than that routine for sure. You should be able to go out with friends (if your man is controlling and some people just like to Netflix and chill, which alright) but if you’re being forced to stay home then that’s just not healthy.

Now you can find time to do what makes you happy. Have that guy’s night out. Go out to the club with the girls and just be you and love yourself. God made you perfect, just the way you are at this very second.

You’re one step closer to the love of your life.

If I’ve learned anything through past breakups it’s now you are one step closer to the love of your life.

Seriously, life is a journey and when you get past one road block, there’s always a second path to take and this could be the one to your “happily ever after.” I’ve learned that every time you lose someone in your life, you either, end up gaining a friend who is even more magnificent than you could imagine or you learn more about the type of love you want to discover in your near future.

I don’t know about you but being closer to the love of my life is one side-effect of a broken relationship I’ll take any day. That’s the purpose of this whole ‘dating life.’ You’re learning what you want forever and that’s important. You want to be happy and so should your significant other. Each breakup you go through in life will teach you a lot about what personality your dream partner will have and whether or not you’ll love that for the rest of your lives (that’s a long time) and living it in misery wouldn’t be ideal, right?

True love could be right around the corner, the love that came and found me was a surprise and I couldn’t be happier.

Don’t give up and be proud of what you’ve learned through life and your breakups. It does make you more informative about what you want out of life.


Rediscovering yourself in life.

This is a huge and important factor in developing self-esteem. There were times in my past relationships where I found that I was just adjust my personality to my significant others. Eventually, we were talking with the same slang and then I was into the same music as him. And before you knew it I was wearing his hats, hoodies and bracelets.
We became absolute replicas of one another. Have you ever wondered how couples who are completely different get along so well? They are able to do things that doesn’t cause the other a fight because of the fear of losing their love for one another.

Yes, this is very real. I’ve been in situations where an ex wouldn’t want me to go to the gym because he was afraid i would find someone better than him (whatever he thought qualified as that in his head).

That’s unhealthy.

Two love birds should be able to have different hobbies and while you’ll stick pick up mannerisms from one another, they aren’t the healthy controlling behaviors that cause most relationships to fail.

This would be the perfect time for you to rediscover who you are and what you want for your future. And it will probably be the hardest yet most exciting time in your life.

Selena Gomez teaches us to take care of our health! ]

Letting go of fear.

It’s known and quite common for relationships and even friendships to become toxic and unhealthy. And most times one person won’t leave because of fear, the fear of pain and losing someone you truly care about in life. Sadly, this type of fear take over your life and stop you from doing things you should while you’re young and able.

Have you ever been in that type of relationship where the person you love will threaten their life if you walked out of their world?

That’s unhealthy.

What about a relationship where you’re controlling what the other person where’s out to dinner or with friends?

That’s unhealthy and there has to be some major self-esteem issues. If you broke up and this one was a major problem now you can work on you and so can your ex partner. This is such a healing experience, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Get ready to grow and understand it’s okay to be an individual and you don’t have to change who you are because your boyfriend or girlfriend feels that’s what love constitutes.

And lastly, you get to go out and start dating when your’e ready. You’ll get to fall in love all over again and I’m the type of person that believes in finding love or letting it find you. After my heart breaks, I ended up with the most amazing husband in the world.

We are all capable of finding that perfect soul mate. And when they love you for being YOU. That’s the best feeling in the world.

Blessed be.


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