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Ed Sheeran saves raped boys lives and helps prevents poverty!

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Ed Sheeran saves raped boys lives and helps prevents poverty!

Ed Sheeran has always been a sweet guy. And he loves making the world a better place.

Just recently the “Shape Of You,” singer saved some lives when he refused to leave Liberian street boys who were raped.

Comic Relief has confirmed that Ed Sheeran provided a safe home for the raped and abused Monrovian children he met while filming very emotional tugging material for the charity. Comic Relief works hard to help prevent poverty. They want to to keep the world “free from poverty.” And Ed Sheeran feels strongly about the charity.

Comic relief was able to raise £71,308,475 at Friday (March 24, 2017) night’s event aimed to help poverty around the globe.

Many of those children who are struggling have lost their parents after the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The virus hit around two years ago and it was tragic.

Ed Sheeran couldn’t just leave without helping. He wanted to be there for JD and make sure that the child was safe “no matter what the cost.”

JD has been trying to survive on the streets of Monrovia. Ed Sheeran opened up about the problem. He said:

‘It really does not feel right leaving at all. I mean, the only thing you can do is help them, which we should.My natural instinct is to just put them in a car and just take them and just put them in a hotel until we can get them sorted.” And he made it absolutely clear that he wanted those children safe. He continued ” ‘It doesn’t matter how much it costs can we just get him and his five mates in a house with an older person to look after them?’

And he wasn’t going anywhere until it happened. He said:

“I don’t think we can go until that’s sorted.”

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There are many children in the world that deserve a second chance at life. Unfortunate events are happening all over the globe. The truth is we all have our problems but if we all took a little time to share a story, help out by staying informed and informing about problems around the world.

This helps because it can even lead to volunteers and those looking to help raise money for charities that help families and children in poverty situations. And of course, even if you can donate a small amount of money, that goes a long way as well.

We’re happy that Ed Sheeran was able to help make a difference in the lives of those children. And we hope that they can continue to go forward positively. Are their charities you guys support? What are some important causes that you know about and wish to inform others about? Let us know in the comments below!

Blessed be.


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