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Jimmy Fallon was hilarious on last night’s episode of Tonight Show.

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Jimmy Fallon was hilarious on last night’s episode of Tonight Show.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon never holds back when it comes to it’s skits, especially politics. But Jimmy Fallon never fails to make us laugh even when things are a little crazy in this world. Last night was no different on the Tonight Show.

If you missed it then you didn’t get to see Jimmy go over Trump’s funny tweets and his hilarious elliptical dance that nearly wiped him out on stage. But you can always catch the full episode on Hulu and of course check out clips on Jimmy Fallon’s official YouTube channel.

#Hashtags was hilarious as usual. Jimmy Fallon sent out the hashtag “#SpringBroke” and fans responded. Jimmy said:

“There were so many responses you wouldn’t believe it. So many your head would spin.”

VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon & Matthew McConaughy act out hilarious skit! ]

Louis C.K., was hilarious. Jimmy Fallon laughed his butt off on stage when Louis said he “likes naps more than sex.” And when he attempted to explain it just got funnier. And that’s why The Tonight Show is so on point. It helps us laugh, think back on memories we had in the past and share those thoughts with people around the world on social media. I don’t think there’s ever one show that doesn’t make me laugh regardless of how my day went down.

Can anyone else agree? Check out some of the clips below and don’t forget to share your favorite Jimmy Fallon moment in the comments below. And we hope Jimmy and his crew keep up the great work because we all appreciate the laughs.

Blessed be.

Hashtags: #SpringBroke

Louis C.K. Argues Why Naps Are Better Than Sex


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