Justin Bieber crushes life with his brother Jaxon!

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By lauraramonique

Justin Bieber crushes life with his brother Jaxon!

Justin Bieber and his little brother have an amazing relationship. If there’s one thing I like to see is family creating memories together. The Biebs and his lil brother hit up a hockey game together and it looks like they are having the time of their lives.

Justin posted this picture to Instagram and he admits it’s one of his favorites. He captioned the picture:

“@justinbieber: At least we made it farther than the Montreal Canadians ! This young team has so much potential! Let’s go all the way next year!!!! Btw favourite picture me and my little bro crushing life!”

Seriously, that’s how you crush life. Have fun, create memories and work hard when you’re on the clock. Don’t you just love this picture? I think I myself have a handful of pictures with my siblings that show so much emotion and fun.

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Blessed be.


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