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Christina Grimmie continues to change the world from heaven!

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Christina Grimmie continues to change the world from heaven!

Christina Grimmie and boyfriend
Stephen Rezza and Christina Grimmie.

Last year was a rough year, we lost a lot of amazing talent in quite a few unfortunate accidents. One date that hit the world in the heart was on June 10, 2016. The one and only Christina Grimmie was taken from this Earth. She spread her wings and made way back to her home in the heavens. Although she’s no longer with us physically, she’s left a remarkable impact on this world and she’s still influencing her family, friends and fans.

Have you heard about the Christina Grimmie Foundation?  As you know we love bringing positive celebrity gossip and all their wonderful charities happening in the world. And we couldn’t be more proud of Christina Grimmie and her goals to change this world for the better. The Christina Grimmie Foundation has focused its mission on making a profound impact on the world in two ways: Providing financial, emotional and encouragement support to families who have suffered from the negative effects of gun violence and it’s there to support families who have had to face the struggles of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

The fact is, life comes at you fast and everything can change in less than one second. And Christina knew how precious it is to be alive, even through the tough trials we all go through in life. Afterall, it was Christina that said “People aren’t born strong. People grows stronger little by little encountering difficult situations learning not to run from them.”

And she’s completely on point, don’t you agree? We aren’t born strong but the trials that we go through in life, those make us strong. We are supposed to fight, endure until the end and help others achieve their goals as well. That’s one thing that Christina Grimmie taught the world on a daily basis. She impacted the world through her music, her beliefs and her constant faith and love for everybody she had in her life, including her fans.

But there are some people who didn’t know a lot about Christina Grimmie. And let us just assure you, no article, no words, nothing we write can fully justify how amazing this daughter of God truly was inside and out. Christina had the dream and desire to sing and that’s exactly what she did, she followed those dreams and started her YouTube channel. Those pipes of her drew the attention of over 3.8 million followers. And shortly after that she released her first début album “With Love,” and opened for Selena Gomez during her North American Tour.

Stephen Rezza pens emotional Instagram post for Christina Grimmie! ]

Life really started to take off for Christina after her time on The Voice working with Adam Levine. And it was “probably the most defining moments of her life,” as she expressed in past interviews. She said:

“It definitely elevated me, I feel, in a professional way. I feel like people, you know, probably didn’t take me as seriously when I was just living on the YouTube space.” she stated adding “The Voice kind of brought this level of professionalism to the table and I never really had that and the exposure was so widespread.”

And because she didn’t stop she was able to influence in the world in more than one way. She’s worked on many charities, she’s worked with the Humane Society, PETA, Oceana and even ONICEF.

How amazing is that, really? There are so many thing we could be doing in the world to help better our surroundings but we don’t take action and she did take action. She stood as a positive influence and leader, encouraging us all to take action in our world. It was just recently ( April 23, 2017) that the Human Society honored Christina with the Impact Award and Rachel Platten gave an absolutely beautiful tribute.

The impact Christina Grimmie made on this world is permanent. And I think that’s amazing. (I mean when I leave this Earth, my only hope is that I was able to influence one person to become better than they were yesterday. If I’ve made one person smile then I consider that a success). It doesn’t matter how rich you are or what you do for work in this life. What really matters is how you impact this world.

Grimmie left nothing but a Christ-like light in the lives of her family, friends and fans. That you guys, is something special.

The Christina Grimmie legacy will continue to live on through her foundation and the work of her family. They have been working hard to make sure that her wishes are still being met and that she can continue to influence the world through her passions, music and foundation. And this you guys is called being alive even if she’s not here physically.

Christina Grimmie is in all of us. While her death was far too soon and tragic, it should never define Christina as whole. It should merely a footnote compared to everything else she’s been able to accomplish because her charity, philanthropy, love for others and God, those are what will allow her to live on with her influence.

You never forget a person like Christina Grimmie. She was fun, goofy, honest and above all, she was herself. She wasn’t ashamed to be herself and that’s how we should all strive to be in this life.

Marcus opened up about her new album that will be coming out in June 2017.

“Everything changed when she met this producer Stephen (Rezza). This is the best stuff I’ve ever written.” She told her family. And when you listen to her latest hit, well, it gives you the chills because while she may not have known at the time, the lyrics fit perfectly:

“I won’t be another ghost
No, I won’t be invisible
You see me everywhere you go
No, I won’t be invisible, yeah”

She will not be another ghost, in fact, she will never be invisible. And she’s still changing the world from above. If you haven’t heard her latest hit, check it out below. And stay tuned because we are going to continue and follow her legacy. PCG magazine is devoted in sharing the positive that talent bring to the table. And we’re beyond proud of Christina Grimmie and her family. Remember, this new album is going to come out June 2017.

The proceeds for the album will be going to the Christina Grimmie Foundation supporting families who have had to deal with gun violence and breast cancer. These tragedies are hard and the Grimmie family just wants other people who are struggling to feel support when it’s hard to think, trials can really make it hard to function. But with their help and Christina’s constant influence we can work together to influence the world in a positive light.

Never give up, just keep getting stronger.

How did Christina Grimmie influence your life? Let us know in the comments below. (We are working on an exclusive and would love to include your story in our next write-up). Don’t forget to subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter. That way you can stay up-to-date on the latest Christina Grimmie Foundation news and music.

Blessed be.




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