Justin Bieber raps in Diplo’s new song ‘Bankroll.’

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By lauraramonique

Justin Bieber raps in Diplo’s new song ‘Bankroll.’

Diplo took to the internet and dropped a new song “Bankroll.” And Justin Bieber, Rich the Kid and Young Thug are featured in the new track.

But there’s something special about this track, we get to hear Justin Bieber rap and he nails it.

“If you don’t smoke weed, baby, so what / If you drank too much, baby, throw up, then po’ up / It’s your first time, you need to grow up,” Justin raps. “Got dinner reservations at BOA / Yeah, the cameras always flashing when we show up / Gotta look fly, ’cause you know they’re taking photos.”

Check it out below and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the new track in the comments below. And just so everyone knows, it’s explicit, so if you’re not into that then there’s a lot of other great songs out there for you to check out!

Blessed be.


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