Jack & Jack: Their hit songs and thoughts on mental health!

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Jack & Jack: Their hit songs and thoughts on mental health!

Jack Gilnsky and Jack Johnson are best known as “Jack and Jack,” on social media. The two have been best friends since kindergarten. And together they have managed to successfully follow their dreams and gain over 23 million followers on social media.

It all started the summer before their senior year when they began making Vines. And within just a few months the world fell in love with them and became loyal fans.

Remember when their first viral Vine called “the perfect vine,” by the Huffington Post? Yeah, it was that funny. And let’s be real, people need to laugh. The world is a crazy place and these two made it a better place just by taking us away from our stressful days and helping us laugh.

Eventually “Jack & Jack,” started their 2016 Tour in Australia and New Zealand. The tour was a success as it sold out.

They’ve been working hard on their music and it’s exciting to about any possible new music that might be coming our way. Unfortunately, nothing new has been confirmed as of yet. But if you haven’t heard any of their hits, you can check some of them out because we’re sure you’ll enjoy the jams.

Jack & Jack Hits to see on YouTube.

“Wild Life”(Oct 2014) 14.5 million views on Youtube
“Tides”(Sept 2014) 3.7 million views on Youtube
“Like That”(Jan 2015) 13.4 million views on Youtube
“Groove”(May 2015) 2.7 million views on Youtube
“California”(July 2015) 5.8 million views on Youtube

Another great thing about Jack is that he’s always looking to inspire. It was just recently he took to Twitter to express his concern over mental health and how important it is to “stay safe.” He said:

Clayton Snyder of Lizzie McGuire opens up to Reddit! ]

“Jesus… please stay safe if you are in Cleveland… can’t believe what I just watched. If something feels off and u think u may have an issue, please speak up to someone you can trust. Mental health is no joke guys… seriously.”

The shooting in Cleveland was devastating and Jack couldn’t be closer to the truth about mental health. If you aren’t feeling right it’s always very vital to talk to someone you trust. Never forget that we all go through these hard times and needed some extra help doesn’t mean you should be ashamed. You’re amazing, we all are and there are ways to prevent these horrible incidents.

And if you missed the MTV Movie Awards then you didn’t get to see these hotties arrive on the red carpet. The two looked great the 2017 MTV Movie Awards. We hope to see some more new music soon because they are talented.

Blessed be.

Jack & Jack – All Weekend Long (Official Music Video)

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