Selena Gomez ‘Bad Liar,’ rumors should end. Here’s why!

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 Selena Gomez ‘Bad Liar,’ rumors should end. Here’s why!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been on the tip of everyone’s tongues over the last week. Basically, Gomez released a new song called “Bad Liar,” and of course, everyone has an opinion about the song and who it was referring to in her life.

First, can I just say this is an absolute joke? Why in the world does it even matter if it was written about an ex-boyfriend or a friend? It shouldn’t and it doesn’t matter because the song is fire either way, don’t you agree?

Selena Gomez inspires the world to stay strong through depression! ]

What if everything you did in your life revolved around an ex boyfriend you had years ago? And what if it never stopped? I know that people pull inspiration from the choices and battles they’ve faced in this life. But that doesn’t mean we need to start rumors that are hurtful and keep them going for decades at a time.

That’s pretty much behavior I would expect out of those in high school. Personally, if I were releasing a new track, I wouldn’t want people focusing on “who,” it could be about because that doesn’t matter, I would simply want them to be able to relate and to enjoy the new jam.

Rumors are just hurtful, especially when those rumors are false. Nobody wants to have their past brought up and thrown in their face, every, single, time, they release new music. I challenge you to refrain from hurtful rumors, listen to the new music with a clear mind and let us know what you think about the new jam in the comments below. Selena Gomez doesn’t want to jump on the internet and read about negativity. She wants to get on and see how her music has inspired you and we’re so proud of those who have been able to share their thoughts on her new music. But more than that we how she’s inspired you in life. Arthur opened up about Selena Gomez and how she’s inspired him in life. He wrote:

“I think Sel has inspired me to try to be a good person not only with people but with me too. I’ve learned to give time to myself and work hard to become the engineer that I want to be. So, I always knew I love her for who she is and her acting against bullying is something that amazes me so much. It’s cool to see that she tries to be anybody but her and stay true to herself. I don’t care how much copies she has sold ou how many Instagram followers she has because this doesn’t matter. What matters for me is her health and no matter how many breaks she needs to take, I’ll always support her decisions through thick and thin I love Selena Marie Gomez from Grand Prairie, Texas <3”

That’s so much more refreshing don’t you agree? Let us know how Selena Gomez has inspired you and don’t forget to let us know what you think about her new music “Bad Liar,” in the comments below.

Blessed be.

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