Madison Beer talks bullying and inspires victims to stay strong!

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Madison Beer talks bullying and inspires victims to stay strong!

How many times have you scrolled through your comments or even a friends comments on social media and you’ve come across someone who is simply negative and rude?

It’s sad but true that even on a positive celebrity gossip page, people will always have something negative say because people can be bitter (at least that is how I personally view trolls) and love to take it out on the world.Madison Beer talks bullying and inspires victims to stay strong!

Well, when the comments start coming at you, whether you’re ‘famous,’ or not, those types of comments hurt. And that’s why we are glad that Madison Beer has opened up about the hateful comments on her social media.

She opened up to J-14 magazine. She said:

“I think being famous makes it harder for people to accept me sometimes. People are just mean to me every single day online for no reason and it really hurts.”

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And the bullying isn’t new for Madison Beer. She opened up about it being a problem since the start of her YouTube videos. She said:

“When I first started posting on YouTube, I was bullied a bunch and made fun of…  A lot of my friends [at the time] were the ones being mean about it, actually — it just kind of sucked. I mean, I’m a really sensitive person so when something affects me, I cry and I’m a baby about it — I cry all the time!”

Truth is bullying is completely unacceptable. Making someone feel low like this is wrong. And I’m not sure why people do it but I like to think maybe this is their way of making themselves feel better about their station in life.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Bullying happens to most of us in our lives and it’s important that you stay strong through those horrible moments.

Madison Beer had some excellent advice for anyone going through bullying. She said:

“I’ve learned that you can’t let people’s comments get you down,” she explains to us.“If you do, then they win. You have to focus on the good things, block out the bad things and think: I’m having fun. I’m living my dream. If you guys want to make fun of me, that’s your problem! Just remember to hold yourself high and be proud of yourself.”

Always, always be proud of yourself.

Blessed be.


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