Pulse Nightclub: The one year anniversary is near and people are honoring the victims all over the world!

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Pulse Nightclub: The one year anniversary is near and people are honoring those lost victims all over the world!

It’s nearly been a year (June 12, 2017) since the horrifying attack at Pulse Nightclub that left 49 people dead and many more injured.

That’s why June has brought forth Gay Pride events in cities world wide.

Did you know that the Orlando Pulse shooting was the worst terror attack since 9/11? And it was also one of the most hateful attacks on the LGBTQ community in our modern history.

Orlando has already prepared an array of solemn vigils and somber speeches to help remember everyone who was lost.

Jennifer Foster opened up about the vigils. She said:

“This won’t just be a local response but a worldwide one.”

The city of Orlando has become more open in since the attack at Pulse Nightclub. And Carlos Carbonell opened about the culture change. He said:

“Now politicians stand up for LGBTQ rights in a way they would not have before.”

The fact that everyone has grown together through tragedy shows that we all can get through the toughest times. And like I’ve stated in many blogs before, we can’t show them fear, they want fear and that’s what they are trying to instill into our hearts.

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And since then Ariana Grande has also had to deal with an attack at one of her concerts in Manchester. She was left with ‘no words,’ the night of the attack.

These tragic events happen and there’s no ‘perfect,’ way to make sure it doesn’t happen again, right? So, I think all we should and can do is love the lives we lead, spend time with those we love and pray or send good vibes to the rest of the world.

The good news is you can take part in supporting the LGBTQ community as well this month. June 12 has been declared “A Day of Love and Kindness.”

Everyone has been encouraged to perform an act of generosity to honor the 49 lives taken that night.

Orlando will be acknowledged internationally with a special project called the “49 Bells,” where churches all around the world will toll their bells 49 times for the victims of the terror attack at Pulse Nightclub.

Cathedrals in Luxembourg, Panama and Ecuador will also sound their bells, as well as Connecticut, Texas, Illinois and many other cities will also be taking part in honoring those who were lost.

Other events celebrating pride and honor those in the Orland attack.

There are other events that are going to be celebrating pride and honoring those were lost in the Orlando attack.

June 9: Tel Aviv Pride
June 11: Washington D.C. LGBTQ March. The day before the Orlando event, the U.S. capital will see a massive protest, inspired by the Women’s March on Washington back in January.
June 18: Sao Paulo Pride
June 15: Shanghai Pride
June 23: Madrid Pride. This year, the Spanish capital will serve as host for WorldPride, an event which, each year since 2014, features parades, festivals and arts programs that shine an international light on LGBT issues.
June 24: San Francisco Pride
June 25: New York City Pride
June 25: New York City Pride
July 21: Berlin Pride
August 1: Singapore Pride
August 25: Manchester Pride
September 27: Curacao Pride
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