Fan makes Mackenzie Ziegler’s whole day!

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Fan makes Mackenzie Ziegler’s whole day!

Mackenzie Ziegler has been nominated by many fans for the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. And some fans are even leaving loving messages for Mackenzie to read. One fan wrote:

“13 years ago Mackenzie Frances Ziegler was born. When I first saw her on dance moms I knew she was going to be a star. Ever since I layed my eyes on this little bean I knew she was going to change the world, my world, our world. I’m so thankful to have Mackenzie she’s such an angel, she’s so amazing. She is a huge inspiration to me, her friends, her fans and everyone. She’s my queen, my everything. I don’t know what I would do without her she’s just so amazing. “Be yourself at the end of the day,” don’t let anyone stand in your way,” “don’t ever stop your dreaming.” She’s so inspiring I love her so much. I couldn’t ask for a better idol. What would I do without her? I’m so thankful for her. She’s incredible. Find yourself an idol like Kenzie. Kenzie’s smile is perfect, her laugh is adorable, her hair is goals, her eyes are stunning, her dancing slays my life, she’s such a sweet and caring person, she’s super funny, she is such a good role model, she’s everything anyone would ever want, she’s a good friend, a good daughter, everything you could ever want in a girl.

Let’s start off when I first saw her on dance moms; when I first saw her I knew she was going to become a star. Little did I know she I was going to become such a huge fan.

When I made my fan account; I wasn’t very active at first but when I started to be active I started to stan Kenzie so much and I got the user @zieg and Kenzie was my #1. When Kenzie followed; I freaked out. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I was so speechless. She makes me so happy words can’t even describe!

When she first liked one of my pics; I was so excited because I thought she’d never like a pic! Little did I know she was going to be super active on my account! I’m forever thankful!

Kenz gives me purpose. I love her to pieces I cannot believe she is 13. She is so inspirational and I can’t believe how successful she is! It’s amazing how she’s so busy but takes the time out of her day to notice us. She’s incredible I love her.”

Mackenzie Ziegler was so thrilled to read the positive letter that she posted it to her own Twitter with a caption. She wrote:

“This made my day omg.”

D’aww how sweet is that? It’s the small things in life that make you smile.

What did you guys think of Mackenzie when you first saw her on Dance Moms? Let us know in the comments below.

Blessed be.


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