Justin Bieber handles a rude fan with respect after a Shoe flies at his face!

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By lauraramonique

Justin Bieber handles a rude fan with respect after a shoe flies at his face!

Justin Bieber, we adore your honesty but some people just don’t understand and that’s their loss.

But in case you missed it, a fan decided it would be ‘appropriate,’ to throw a shoe at Justin after he opened up about not completely knowing the words to the song “Despacito,” when asked to perform it live.

Come on guys, he doesn’t speak fluent Spanish. And he was completely honest about it, telling the crowd the truth.

“I can’t do that specifically, I don’t know the words… I can’t do it.”

[ Justin Bieber continues to help Manchester victims! Check it out! ]

If you’re going to attend a concert, you’re attending to celebrate your favorite artists music, to have a good time and to create memories you’ll never forget, hopefully positive memories.

But really, if you’re so disrespectful merely because J-dawg doesn’t speak fluent Spanish and can’t sing that song perfect then you’re tripping.

The good news is Justin Bieber handled it like a man and we’re super proud of him, just ignore the haters and keep shining! And if you haven’t seen the rude fan, check it out below.

I personally wouldn’t call that a fan, just saying.

Blessed be.

Justin Bieber on Singing Despacito Live [Fan throws a bottle] (Summerburst Festival 2017)

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