Lorde talks about her new album! Check it out!

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Lorde talks about her new album! Check it out!

PCG magazine is loving Lorde’s newest album “Melodrama.” But there’s one song in particular that everybody loves a lot called “Writer in the Dark.”

During her interview and performance with Beats 1, Lorde was able to open up about her album and shared the process on “Writer in the Dark.” She said:

Lorde talks about her new album! Check it out!
Lorde talks about her new album!

“This was the last song to make it on the record,” she revealed. “[It’s] Another one where I felt I was speaking to someone or closing a door.”

“It’s interesting when you’re female and you write this confessional, painfully honest music about your life. There’s a lot of guilt associated with that. Am I a terrible person for harvesting my personal life for this? This song was my way of going actually ‘no it’s not my fault. This is what happens when you kiss a writer in the dark. They’re gonna write songs about you.’ This was my way of saying ‘I love you but I love this more.’”

Lorde and Lady Antebellum scheduled on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.’ ]

“This song came together so quickly I was sitting at the piano by myself at Electric Lady. Shout out to Lee, Tom Elmhurst, Barry our engineer, such a great place…I feel so musical in the best way.”

“Some studios I feel like is this just a conference room with a mic in it. I came up with this piano part by myself and the song grew. Jack [Antonoff] came in and moved a few parts around, told me to repeat a part, and it was done. This is basically the demo.”

If you haven’t heard the song yet check it out below and don’t forget to let us know what you think of Lorde’s newest album? Do you have a favorite song?

Sound off and blessed be.

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