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Wentworth’s Nicole Da Silva fights for abused women and more!

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Wentworth’s Nicole Da Silva fights for abused women and more!

Wentworth is a remake the classic Aussie drama “Prisoner: Cell Block H.” The show ran from 1979-1986.

The television drama is set in a women’s prison in Australia. The drama tells the story of the women who have been sentenced for life or awaiting parole for their crime. Seasons 1-5 are impressive, brilliant characters that the audience can relate to in one way or another. Especially, the dangerously quiet Bea, and fan-favorite Franky Doyle.

Each of the prisoners have a story to tell and really gives you the ‘feels.’ Even the guards have a  story to tell and their characters grow in so many bad ways and good ways. I have to say the writers, cast and crew were brilliant. And we can’t wait to see what they will bring is in 2018.

Wentworth doesn’t make jail look like kicks and giggles, it’s raw and doesn’t stray from the truth about Prison being harsh. Many fans were shocked to find that on the very first episode there are children in Prison with their mothers.

Interesting fact: Children and infants should be allowed to reside with their primary caregiver in prison only after the Administering Depart is satisfied that it’s actually in the best interest of the child to be with their mother.

The Australian prisons are different than what we are used to seeing in the United states because they tend to focus on rehabilitation while incarcerated, than punishment. Apparently, if the child is not yet school aged (about 5-6-years-old) then the child can stay with the mother full time. And the have opportunities for kids that are school aged to join in a “Holiday Program.”

The show continues to build and build with each character. The writers are so talented you never know when the episode’s climax will hit because it tends to happen at the most unpredictable times. (On a side note: If you love “Orange is the New Black,” then let me just assure you, this one is an addicting roller coaster and some would even argue this series has it’s strengths above OITNB).

The writers, cast and crew are always ready to show the good, the bad and the very ugly. Wentworth has flashes of humor here and there but the harsh realities of Prison include violence, rapes, mutilations, revenge murders and even making dirty deals with the Prison guards to get ahead behind bars and possibly stay alive.

The fan-favorite character seems to be “Franky Doyle,” played by Nicole da Silva. She’s one of the prisons most notable offenders and is spot on with her portrayal of ‘Franky Doyle.” The sexy ‘top dog,’ in the prison. And while we know she’s nothing like Franky Doyle in real life, every emotion she’s had to feel shows perfectly within her actions and facial expressions while acting on the show.  And it would make sense she’s won awards for her performance including the ASTRA Awards for “Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor (female).” She was also nominated for a few other awards, check them out below.

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Outside of acting Nicole’s striving to make the world a better place through charity and helping women who have been abused in the past or present. She has been raising money and awareness about the violence women will (mostly likely) encounter in their life. Spreading the message that it’s never okay to be abused is important, don’t you agree?

“There is one universal truth, applicable to all countries, cultures and communities: Violence against women is never acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable.” Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General.

Nicole da Silva was first announced as the “National Champion of UN Women NC Australia,” in February of 2014. She’s continued to work very hard raising awareness about the violence 1 and 3 women around the world will encounter in their life. Un Australia confirmed the news with excitement. They wrote:

“The Australian National Committee for UN Women is pleased to announce that Australian actor Nicole da Silva has agreed to become the first national Champion for the organisation, supporting our efforts to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality.
As a Champion, Nicole will support the UN Women National Committee Australia by attending events in March to mark International Women’s Day on March 8. Nicole will also help to educate her growing audience about women’s empowerment issues, and encourage donations to UN Women through the UN Women National Committee Australia website and social media platforms.”

Silva has already raised $24,362 for the UN Women according to her birthday wish on “everydayhero.com.”

The other option is checking out “unwomen.org.au., and get involved on their official page. A simple share on social media can go a long way, so even if you can’t donate you can help spread the word.

I think it’s fantastic that Nicole has devoted so much time in making a difference, don’t ya think? She’s quite the loving person and has such a great time during interviews.

Nicole opened up about the entertainment industry and what she would change about it, her dream role and her superhuman power on YouTube.

On changing something in Hollywood:

“I would love to wave my magic wand and for there to be more diversity and representation. And I’m talking across the board, I’m talking gender representation, LGBT representation–I just think we too often play it safe. If I’ve learned anything about playing Franky it’s that actually audiences wanna see themselves reflected in the stories we watch.”

On what her favorite character is to play?

“Ummmm, I always find this question really tricky because it’s so changeable for me. I’m currently really obsessed with sociopaths. I do kind of take an interest in psychological stuff. Sociopaths are like really interesting to me. So I would love to play a character like that but if I had to just name a role or just chuck it out there I would say “Wonder Woman,” or “Carmen Sandiego.” She continued “I just want to play a spy who gets to run around the world and people chase her and she’s kinda doing naughty things. I think that would be super fun. And if anyone’s listening out there I’m your girl.”

On what question would you love an interviewer to ask you and they never do?

“I would love an interviewer to ask me what my super power is? What my human super power is”

What is your human super power?

“I’m really good at naming a lot of cheeses.”

Lol, Okay, you have to admit that was a fun one. I would love to get her on PCG and quiz her on specific cheeses, then we could eat some, lol.

Nicole, we are very proud of you and all the hard work you’ve put into your work. You truly do inspire so many fans and it’s great to see them following their dreams because you followed your dreams.

Thanks for being a positive example, loving everybody around you and entertaining us with your talents.

Blessed be.


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