British Teenager plotted an ISIS attack at Justin Bieber concert.

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By lauraramonique

British Teenager plotted an ISIS attack at Justin Bieber concert.

I know, this doesn’t sound like a very positive title at all (and theres a reason for the story, I promise).

Justin Bieber is lucky to be alive as are many Beliebers. It’s been reported by the DailyMail that a 17-year-old British teenager had plotted to create a ISIS style, lone wolf attack during one of J-dawgs concerts. The boys identity is being kept a secret due to legal reasons but he was found with a claw hammer and knife.

They also found a letter in his room that stated:

‘I am a soldier of the Islāmic State’

It’s been speculated that the boy searched for the venues information on security just days before the hottie was set to perform at the Welsh capital on June 30, 2017. And there were more than 2,000 searches over a year which included the keywords “Cardiff terrorist attack,’ ‘how to create a terror attack’ and ‘how to pledge allegiance to ISIS.’

It’s being speculated that officers found a note providing details on ‘how to run down non-believers with a car,’ along with bullet point instructions ‘strike infidels who oppose Allah in the neck.’

The first part of the ‘good news,’ is that a jury in Brimingham Crown Court found him guilty of all charges, including two counts of encouraging terrorism (because he posted pictures to his Instagram) and two counts of possession of a record of terrorist information (which was an ISIS propaganda magazine).

The 17-year-old will be sentenced on January 10, 2018.

Sickeningly, the boy opened up during the prosecuting saying His interest in suicide evolved over time into an intention to commit a suicide attack in the name of Islam.

The second part of this stories “good news,” is that Justin Bieber was able to avoid this horrible tragedy. And now a lot of talent have been concerned over the safety of their fans during their concerts.

These concerts are meant to be a celebration of music, relatable music that helps save lives. And these terrorists come out and cause harm to innocent individuals. These events are getting scarier to attend because of these terror attack possibilities. But we have to continue to live our lives and be proud of ourselves because they want us to give up and stay in our homes.

And above all, the main point of this post, we NEED to understand that if talent decides they should cancel an upcoming event, there’s a reason for the cancellation. Whether that be a cold, sickness or possible threat.

Justin Bieber continues to help Manchester victims! Check it out! ]

Fans, true fans are always understanding of this and that’s what’s great to see but there are a select few who selfishly throw a fit and complain that they were not able to see a show. Safety should come first and in order to keep these things from happening we also need to be aware of the situation.

This could have been one of Justin’s fans hurt. That’s not right and I feel like we need to spread the news but in a positive manner. We shouldn’t focus on the predator, we should focus on how we can make the world better because of these incidents.

While they plot to hurt us, we continue plotting change, right? And remember if you hear something, say something because you could save a lot of lives. We never want to go through what Manchester victims have and those in Las Vegas (including my friend).

Blessed be.


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