Justin Bieber: What one Belieber wants Justin to know! Check it out!

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Justin Bieber: What one Belieber wants Justin to know!

This year we’ve put together a special article for Justin Bieber and his team. PCG magazine went out and talked to a few of his “biggest Beliebers,” and the response was phenomenal. While Justin didn’t win the “Best Fan Award,” it doesn’t matter because the Beieber army has been strong from day 1.

Real fans, they never leave your side. And real fans will never allow hatred to run their mouths toward other fandoms.

Think about it, the Biebs has wanted nothing but respect, which means he also puts out respect, whether it be haters, fans or paps, he does a damn good job at being mature and “having a talk,” or (haha) a few talks with them and their disrespect. Justin Bieber has been caught multiple times during his Purpose Tour just hanging out with his fans but I think Beliebers who are able to stay calm and normal, he considers ‘friends.’

Seriously, Justin Bieber has the best fandom I’ve seen all over Twitter. After reaching out to Beliebers about their emotional thoughts toward Justin and how he has impacted their life, we realized one important fact.

Justin Bieber has saved so many lives through his platform and he continues to do so because he is always encouraging his family, friends and fans. Music saves lives and the fact that he doesn’t just sing or rap about “sex, diamonds, butts and booties,” is impressive. And here’s why, a lot of talent pull from real life experience and that means Justin Bieber has shared stories with everyone in the world.

If you take the time to listen to someone’s story, you would be amazed what you could learn.

So, what did Beliebers have to say about Justin? What have they wanted to tell him if they got the chance without a frenzy of paps and fans who lack some respect?

Well, this is what Cristina had to say about the hottie. We asked her these very questions and she couldn’t wait to share her thoughts and love toward Justin Bieber. She wrote:

“Dear Justin,

I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years…., to ‘talk’ to you.
I have so much to tell you! But I know your time is precious so I will try to be short 😉

I first saw you in 2010 at Oprah, the show about talented kids. The one in which you signed the pledge ‘don’t text and drive’. Already then I noticed you, your charisma, your talent and contagious smile. Stood by you through the difficult times. My 💜 was crying seeing you like that. But I prayed for you and had faith that you will get back on your feet and don’t waist your gift. Waited patiently. Why was this world so cruel?

Justin Bieber gives away free tickets and play soccer with fans! ]

I thank God every night for giving you strength & guiding you towards your purpose.

I like your albums in different ways, but Purpose is something special. For me, but also for you.

For me the music & those lyrics helped me in a difficult part of my journey. Thanks to you (and my strength) I’m in a better place now.

I admire you as a person and artist. Your positive attitude towards life, your kindness, your talent, your mental strength, your dedication to serve God, your love for your Beliebers…., are just a few qualities that make you a great human being. Your charity work (especially Pencil Of Promise and Make A Wish) is blowing me away!

I hope you realize that you are saving and changing (in better) many lives with your speeches, music & smile. Please believe me : you have a healing smile! Love it!!!! Clips with you smiling are very therapeutic when I’m feeling down.

NEVER stop smiling, even if this cruel world upsets you sometimes. You are not alone. Millions of Beliebers are with you on this journey God put you in & I hope you feel our love and support in your lower moments.

‘God is good in the midst of the darkness
God is good in the midst of the evil,
God is in the midst
He loves you and he is here for you’

I will finish my ‘letter’ by wishing you all the health & happiness in this world cuz you deserve it!

Thank you so much for taking time to read this & please write back a few words. It will mean the world to me 💞

Hugs from Cristina 🇸🇪

(@Cristina_Sweden) “

Cristina has been a Belieber from day one and it’s sweet to see just how much Justin Bieber has changed lives for the better. She is much appreciated by other Beliebers for the positive vibes she brings into Twitter world of Belieber family. Her devotion for engaging other Beliebers in voting resulted in many appreciative tweets (she got) through the last year and lots of Beliebers consider her inspiring.


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