susaneLand premieres at Sundance 2018! We want more!

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susaneLand premieres at Sundance 2018, leaves audience laughing!

It all starts with an idea and a dream. One year ago, Susane Lee and Andrew Olsen had no idea that they would be premiering at Sundance 2018, an episodic series created to bring visibility to Asian-American actors and women in the film industry.

Lee opened up about their project during the IndieGoGo campaign saying “I could sit around and wait for opportunities to come my way or I could create them and be doing what I truly love RIGHT NOW.” This is exactly what Susane and Andrew were able to do with their hilariously dark comedy web series which features stories “loosely,” based on Susane’s life.

Susane and Andrew introduced their highly anticipated series on Sundance Institute’s official YouTube channel. “Offbeat and sometimes surreal, Susanes character is well meaning and has good intentions”. These intentions land her in awkward situations that are not only funny, but relatable. “We decided to create a show that we wanted to see, where the world is diverse and inclusive. All of the principle rolls [aside for one] were cast with women or people of color.”

The première of susaneLand couldn’t have gone better for the whole cast and crew.

The first episode opens up with a hilariously dark and deadly elevator scene involving the shows main character, Susane. The experience, although absolutely tragic, had the audience laughing and asking for more.

Susane’s facial expressions, priceless.

Laughter filled the Ray Theater as audience members watched Susane navigate the aftermath of the elecator incident. The actress portrayed her character well, as her performance was not only relatable, but hilarious.

In total we watched three episodes, each following Susane in her effort to avoid conflict while continuing to be a good person who is followed by humorously awkward and delightfully dark things happen to her.

Susane Lee opened up about the film during the question and answer panel. She said:

“[‘susaneLand’] wasn’t necessarily made for the festival, but I think we’re looking to turn it into a half-hour format,” Susane Lee stated after her series debuted. “As an Asian-American actress in Hollywood, opportunities are not plentiful. We want to make more.”

Susane Lee updated her IndieGoGo supporters this evening. She wrote:

“Greetings from Park City!!!!!!

It’s been a magical ride in this winter wonderland!!! The première was a blast!!!! Andrew and I were thrilled to have our DP, Alex Gaynor, our producer Ash Burritt, and cast members Travis Coles, Emanuel Loarca, and Caitlin Kim join us!!! We couldn’t have asked for a better first audience!!!

The response has been overwhelmingly positive!!! We’ve gotten two glowing reviews already and would love to share them with you: Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire. You can also find updates on twitter and instagram here: @susaneland_ Can’t believe we’re nearing the end of our stay here…it’s been absolutely AMAZING!!!! Everyone here is so supportive! I’m so inspired to continue creating and so grateful for everyone who helped us get here!!!! THANK YOU!!!! The journey continues and may we continue to expand the world of susaneLand and find a platform that supports our vision!!!

Thinking of you guys and sending love and hugs!!!!

Susane xo”

PCG magazine is excited to see where these talented creatives take susaneLand. If you guys had a chance to see the series, let us know what you thought in the comments below. And don’t forget to follow Susane Lee and Andrew Olsen on their social media accounts. Their creativity is endless and they are changing the film industry one step at a time. Congrats on all the hard work, we are proud of you for shedding light on issues regarding women in film and making everyone laugh.

Blessed be.


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