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Drizzy changing the world through philanthropy and utter love! Check it out!

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Drizzy changing the world through philanthropy and utter love! 


Drake just blew us away with his six-minute showcase of philanthropy throughout the city of Miami. The chart-topping song “God’s Plan,” was more than many expected, it was heart-warming. The video opens with a simple statement:

champagnepapiThe most important thing I have ever done in my career…drop a 🙏🏽 if I can share it with you.

$996,631.90, the opening title cards read. “We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label…”

 Drake and his team take to the city of Miami and give back to the world. 

What did Drake and his team accomplish? Great question, lets take a look at the charity he provided to the city!

 Giving away stacks of cash to people on the street

There are so many people who don’t have homes, warm beds, jackets and a place to stay. Honestly, have you ever stopped to actually think about these individuals. I see and hear people talk so negatively about the homeless. Horrible opinions “I’m not giving money to them, they just want drugs, they probably drive away in mustangs at the end of the day with my hard earned taxed cash.” And If I’ve heard those excuses, there’s no doubt that you have as well. Listen up guys, not everybody is a “druggie,” and if they are, what does it matter to you? You do NOT know what their life was like growing up and what pushed them to want to “numb up.” Give, it is not your place to judge. It’s your place to love.

Presenting a scholarship check to a student at University of Miami

Do you realize students end up finishing high school and dreaming of being able to follow their dreams? They can’t because many different factors but the biggest, money and time. But if you have money then you have time to spare because that means you can work a little less and get on those goals, right? Drake also donated a huge scholarship check to the University of Miami. This has given quite the opportunity to some people and their dreams. It’s an amazing contribution.

 Shutting down Brickell City Centre mall to allow the women of Lotus House Shelter some shopping sprees

Drizzy changing the world through philanthropy and utter love! Check it out!
Drizzy changing the world through philanthropy and utter love! Check it out!

Again, homelessness is a big issue. Do you know what the Lotus House shelter does? If not, here’s a nice summary of their goals and commitments.

“We are committed to ending child and family homelessness in our country. We advocate for the human right and dignity of every child, every family, to a home, as essential to their wellbeing and prosperity as food, education and health care.”

It’s not easy to shut a whole mall down and allow those in the shelter to go shopping. But Drake and his team made it happen. PCG magazine is beyond proud of you and your team.

Carts of wrapped toys for the children of Lotus House

This is important for growth, this is how creativity flourishes and imagination, well, that creates dreams.

Paying for shopper’s groceries at a neighborhood supermarket

The stories of good Samaritans paying for the food of someone behind them, that goes a long way. And these make the BEST stories. And seeing all these kind gestures made our hearts smile and feel good and believe me it’s completely possible to feel that humbleness in your heart when doing something good for someone, not because you’ll get recognition but because you wanted to do that “kind deed.”

Surprising a family with a brand new car

The brand new car made a huge impact on the family. Think about it this way, have you ever found yourself with a broken down vehicle? Now, how do you get your kids to the doctor, how do you go to work, how about school? These days, having a car is vital because it allows you the freedom to get the things you need to do in life done. This was awesome and I’m sure that family is beyond thankful, aren’t you?

Donating to City of Miami’s Fire Department, Frost School of Music and University of Miami.

Take one moment and pause, think about the incidents occurring around our country, outside of our countries, who are the heroes? Doctors, firemen and women, those who are ready to risk their lives to save a life. Fire departments are desperate for budgeting. Could you imagine finding yourself (as a firefighter, EMT, etc) at the scene of a horrible incident thinking “I gotta get in there, I have to get these people out alive. The job needs to get done.” It’s an incredibly tough job for the men and women who risk their lives in all these departments. The money donated could go toward helping with everything from supplies, food, to families.

And music, art, creativity, those are extremely important because all art tells a story. Stories change the world. If you had to think of an example, imagine your favorite celebrity, what have they done to influence you to either stay strong or follow your dreams? These schools can continue to run and influence “dreamers,” to create “goals.” And these goals may eventually will belong to someone who could influence your child later in life.

It’s such an amazing gesture and it goes above and beyond what is expected of Drake and his team. They DO NOT HAVE to take action like this but they choose to because of the love within their hearts. We all have a choice to love or hate but love, that feels so much better. Drizzy, you went above and beyond this month, fans suspected it but they didn’t know what you would be doing with your video.

Congrats, “God’s Plan,” was released on Jan 19, 2018 as part of Drake’s latest EP “Scary Hours,” and it also reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in less than a week. It still sits in the top and it’s been three weeks.

Hard work pays off guys, you just have to put your heart and soul into what you do and you will be able to change the world, inspire and make someone’s day brighter, even if you just made someone smile today, that’s more important than you could imagine. Drizzy, thanks for setting a positive example to your family, friends and fans!

Blessed be.



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