Perez Hilton and Demi Lovato drama heats up! Why he doesn’t deserve the drama!

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By lauraramonique

Perez Hilton and Demi Lovato party is over, true colors are shining!

Last night Perez Hilton got smothered with hate on Twitter to the point that a quite offensive hashtag started to trend (#PerezHIltonIsOverParty ) and it’s all due to bullying. And while you may think “he deserves it,” let me tell you why he doesn’t deserve it and why it peeved me. First, this bullying is coming from Demi Lovato who runs her own campaign meant to help people with mental illness battles, she also preaches about being a supportive woman who wants to help those who are bullied due to the fact that she was also bullied in high school.

Perez Hilton and Demi Lovato drama heats up! Why he doesn't deserve the drama! You would think that bullying anyone from that point on would come to an end, no? I mean, Demi Lovato was bullied in high school, battled weight issues and mental health issues. Common sense would assume that any kind of bullying from her end would not exist because that’s what a good person does to make the world a better place.

(During my time in high school I was bullied for being a ‘tomboy,’ and I always told myself “I will never bully someone because it didn’t feel good when I wanted to end my life based off other students opinions of me).

Many others can make the choice to grow from their past and do something positive with the trauma. but those who hold on tend to hurt themseleves and become a negative influence on the people in their life. Honestly, bringing them down as well. Here is what is wrong with the picture (in my mind, disagree with me if you want, idc).

Perez attended her performance because he doesn’t mind Demi and he got the tickets for free (why not go), in fact he even stated in his own comments that he likes both Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato (even though she hates him). Hating is not mature, not in my eyes, if someone has tried to make peace with you the mature and right thing to do is make peace. It’s always better to end any RELATIONSHIP or FRIENDSHIP with the same respect you started to begin with, even if you don’t want to be friends in real life.

Demi tweeted out to her millions of followers the following tweet.

“The other night I got to sing SNS directly to one of USA’s most notorious bullies. It felt so fucking great. That’s what the song is all about!!! Sorry not sorry that you were in the audience watching me kill it. 🤷🏻‍♀️” And continued in a second tweet “And btw – he’s remaining nameless because he doesn’t deserve the relevance that he doesn’t have anymore”

You do not tweet to your young fans who are still in school how it feels to “figuratively,” spit in someone’s face just because you didn’t like the wayPerez Hilton and Demi Lovato drama heats up! Why he doesn't deserve the drama! he runs his Twitter account. Demi gloated and attempted to take a strike at Perez, the good news is, it didn’t phase him.

This all started in July 2016 when Perez innocently liked a tweet on Mariah Carey’s Twitter account. And Demi Lovato got super upset.

Sensitive much?

Perez (likes EVERYONES tweets, even the ones who throw jabs at him) Why should he change the way he uses Twitter just to make her or anyone happy for that matter? He shouldn’t because this is his profile, his personality and his niche. And let’s not pretend that NEGATIVE ATTENTION and POSITIVE ATTENTION are almost of equal value when it comes to the entertainment industry.

Here’s my next issue with this tweet of Demi’s, she’s bullying. Just because she says “nameless,” that’s just as descriptive as saying “hey remember the kid that sat in the back of the class with the big glasses and ugly hair?” It’s quite obvious she knew what she was doing and attempted to start a feud for no reason, or wait, maybe it’s because Perez Hilton is relevant and does have value in the entertainment industry and she wanted some more feedback about her performance in Las Vegas since there weren’t that many stories on it.

This whole thing she’s trying to achieve is meaningless and it’s honestly making him look better, Perez and I have completely different niche’s but I will not ignore bullying. This is positive celebrity gossip and it’s time to address those “celebrities,” who think they own it and can bully just because they have “fans,” or are “power hungry.” Those “celebrities,” who are willing to attack and allow their fans to do the dirty work for them in order to keep their stage name in the entertainment industry safe.

She’s using ya’ll to spread hate and that pisses me off, I even had one girl come at me and call me ugly, lol. My response was “thank you, you’re a sweetheart (kisses).” Do you see where she is being passive aggressive and allowing the bullying to be done by her fans on her behalf? But wait, that’s not the whole truth, there are some of Demi Lovato’s fans that have taken it upon themselves to actually APOLOGIZE for the behavior that she has been showing on Twitterverse because she is acting insanely passive aggressive.

What is being passive aggressive?

“’Passive-aggressive” is a term that’s often used to describe someone who retaliates in a subtle way rather than speaking their mind. But this term was also once used to describe a personality disorder.”

I feel as though in this case it shouts “I need more attention, Perez can give that to me.” Basically, he is relevant, still, isn’t he? Don’t get mad if the shoe fits.Perez Hilton and Demi Lovato drama heats up! Why he doesn't deserve the drama!

There is nothing wrong with the way Perez Hilton does his work. TMZ, HollywoodLife and even MTV (the ones who sign their own artists) slam their talent all the time, all day, everyday. Perez Hilton doesn’t just pick celebrities from hate, he works like every other outlet and he is honest and he’s not afraid to talk about what he likes and what he doesn’t like, that’s the beauty of our first amendment (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances), in case you forgot. Perez is not biased, he has written about every celebrity good and bad. He doesn’t just target your one “celebrity,” and he only talks about the things that are tipped off to him or that he feels strongly about for his niche. Whether you agree with that or not doesn’t matter, it truly doesn’t matter because you cannot and will never change it.

At least he isn’t like HollywoodLife pulling clickbait titles and fake “sources,” to talk shit about your favorite talent.

You all want to attack him and call him all these names because he talks about the things going on in celebrities lives? Then you better get started on the MSM, the shootings, the fake news websites all over Facebook, etc. And one more thing, Perez Hilton is one man, he cannot possibly produce 100’s of stories in one day, which means, guess what girls and boys, he’s not the only writer and you can tell when it’s Perez writing because he is sassy and he doesn’t mind showing it.

I respect that in his personality and you should as well. I would rather be friends with someone who can say it like it is, then be a fake bitch and say “heyyyyy girl,” to your face and smack talk you behind your back, he’s just straight up and proud to be himself. Those who want to say he body shamed her and talked about her eating disorder and mental disorders tend to forget that Perez was shamed and jumped at one point for the being himself. So, let’s not pretend he doesn’t know what it feels like to be shit talked and I’m certain many people have tried to “ruin,” him just as Demi Lovato attempted in her “unnamed tweet.”

Lovatos, love your Demi but don’t you dare stoop to that level and do the dirty work for her by attacking someone who has been in entertainment industry for longer than you were born. Or others just because they try to show you the other side of the table. There are always two sides to every pancake.

What Charities has Perez Hilton focused on during his time in the Entertainment world?

Perez Hilton has done so much for it including GLAAD, GLSEN, PETA, Save The Music Foundation, Soles4Souls, St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters and
Straight But Not Narrow. These are all causes that help Animals, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Children, Civil Rights, Creative Arts, Disaster Relief, Education, Hunger, LGBT Support, Poverty and Refugees. Perez Hilton has Hit The Runway For Autism Speaks with high profile talent including Jeannie Mai (The Real), Aubrey O’Day (Celebrity Big Brother), Shenae Grimes (90210), Kristian Alfonso (Days of Our Lives), Joanna Krupa (Real Housewives of Miami), Kym Whitley (Young & Hungry), model/musician Josh Beech, Ashlan Gorse Costeau, and Antonio Jaramillo (Shades of Blue), David Tupaz Couture, Dalia Macphee, Ron Tomson, Carl Andrada, Erick Bendana, Julie Danforth, Jhiovani Fasons, Usama Ishtay and Sivalia Couture.

Perez Hilton has worked with “Young Friends Benefit,” along side other high-profile artists including Georgina Bloomberg, Katrina Bowden, Kelly Framel, Wes Gordon, Patina Miller, Jackie Miranne, Alicia Quarles, Allie Rizzo and Scott Sartiano, Jessie Schuster, Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh, Jessica Springsteen and Domingo Zapata. This event helped raise essential funds to aid in the ASPCA’s work to protect the lives of vulnerable and victimized animals across the country. And The Young Friends Benefit is a cornerstone of the ASPCA’s fundraising efforts to directly impact the lives of homeless, abused and neglected animals across the country. This highly publicized event attracts more than 500 passionate and upwardly mobile young professionals including philanthropists, industry leaders, newsmakers and animal lovers.

So, maybe next time you try to burn Perez, you should stop and think about the good he also brings into the world because no one damn person in this world is perfect. Not one, not even you or myself. It’s not okay to bully, if you feel he did something wrong then you should stand by the quote “two wrongs don’t make a right.” And all Demi did there was make a wrong to help herself feel better about… well… herself?

She’s done a lot of good for the mental health community, she has done a lot of good during this CAST tour but the “shade,” she through at Perez was absolutely random and uncalled for and that’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to write this story.

You can say I’m whatever you want, I stand by my words and I don’t support bullying. 

End of story. Love you Perez and kinda care about you Demi but you let me down girl, you let me down. 

But you are quite notorious for bullying more than just Perez Hilton. What are you teaching your fans? Check out the video below! What do you guys think about Perez Hilton and Demi Lovato now? Who bullied who? Sound off!

Demi Lovato Attacks Me! Is She A Bully?

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