Paparazzi need to have more respect for Justin Bieber and talent!

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Paparazzi need to have more respect for Justin Bieber and talent!

Justin Bieber heads out to the chiropractor (March 7, 2018) and of course, the paps decided to attack him with their cameras and stupid questions. The fact that people can even assume that he’s a “a**hole,” because he ignores the camera baffles us at positive celebrity gossip. Justin Bieber heads out to the chiropractor (March 7, 2018) and of course, the paps decided to attack him with their cameras and stupid questions. The fact that people can even assume that he’s a “a**hole,” because he ignores the camera baffles us at positive celebrity gossip. The harassment is real and there’s not one thing talent can do about it because “it comes with the territory,” right?

Well, if you’re a good human being it shouldn’t be this way, Justin Bieber shouldn’t have to worry about driving to the doctor or to get some mickey dee’s just because every person (quite literally) will stop and attempt to get selfies or intrude on his day. Let’s be real guys, when was the last time you brought a camera to school and harassed the jock? Regardless of how much you liked them, wanted to be around them or loved how they lived life. Did you bring your camera to school screaming their name, asking for selfies and being disrespectful?

Probably not and hopefully never. After all, with a jock it’s about keeping your image, you know so they will hopefully “like you,” one day. And that’s where you can see the amount of disrespect that comes from not only paps but some fans who think they are entitled to pictures and selfies. You’re not entitled to dictate when you get a selfie. You’re not entitled to anything other than understanding Justin Bieber is an entertainer and when he is NOT WORKING, he should be left alone and treated just like any stranger you see on the street.

That doesn’t mean you can’t nicely ask how he is or wish him a good day. It’s one thing to be intrusive and another to say “What’s up dude, I hope you have a good day and see you around.” Ya know, he might even say, “thanks, hey wait, let’s grab a pic.”

Respect, guys, respect and I’m talking to everyone here because it’s sad to see how much of this goes on with not only Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. But all talent in the limelight.

The disrespect started again after Justin Bieber pulled up in his baby blue Lamborghini Aventador and immediately got asked “How is Selena doing?”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have taught us what it means to let love fly! ]

Can you say disrespect? But he still handles it well and has no problem going out and about when he needs, that’s what we are proud of J-dawg. You don’t lock yourself up in the house, you still run your errands and you still take good care of yourself, keep up that mentality and don’t let these sharks change your life.

There have been rumors that Justin and Sel have taken some time apart but once again the term “sources,” is being used to describe the “proof.” Don’t believe these sources, or negative headlines. They are merely using click bait to take money from you now. And they will always use these headlines, rumors and “sources,” to get your attention. That’s how the media works and it’s wrong, honesty is key.


Have faith in Justin and respect him while on streets, you can say hi but always remember to feel out the moment. And if you’re with News, have some respect, we get it, you make your money by getting pictures of Justin Bieber in his baby blue Lamborghini Aventador. But what a bottom feeding way to live your life. Sitting in bushes, stalking every celebrity you will never be just because you get a few bucks and making their life miserable.

Ya’ll know what you’re doing is wrong. Yet you continue to harass and degrade other people for your own benefit.

As a writer, I would also love an interview but you know what, I don’t go harass people for my “exclusives,” I kindly request them and that should be the process because too many lives have been destroyed by the paps, talent are always hiding in doors, going incognito and not living life all the way to the fullest because the fear.

Luckily, Justin has no fear and continues to live his life. Talent, if you’re reading this, we got you, we understand and we hope that other news outlets will start to take respect a little more seriously because finding Justin Bieber in his baby blue Lamborghini Aventador and making his life miserable is not worth your paycheck.

Be kind, be loving in all that you do have respect for everyone around you because we both know that if you had to switch places with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande or anyone in the limelight, you would lose your sh*t.

Have some respect. There are so many ways you can go about asking for a selfie but the first thing to remember is, why just get a picture when you can have an actual conversation with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and so many other artists? Haven’t you ever stopped to think “it’s just a picture,” while a conversation can establish a potential friendship, one he likely won’t forget because you actually thought of his feelings, no? You’re sending home your favorite artist with the thought of “Damn, people are still good, I wonder if they are on Twitter? I’m going to follow them.” And even “I may have got chased by the paps but today this girl Chandra asked me how I was, told me about her surgery and didn’t even care to take a selfie, she just wanted to share her life with me. How cool, good people do exist.”

And that’s setting the tone. That’s showing respect, that’s being considerate. Haven’t you ever thought that maybe celebrities (some) are tired of just talking about themselves and taking pictures as though they are “zoo animals?” Well, if not, here’s your reminder. Justin Bieber is not a zoo animal. And neither are the other PEOPLE (yes people because we are all celebrities in our own way, just because their job is to sing, act or dance, it doesn’t make them any different). In fact, many of you probably have a special talent as well, so why not share that with your idol instead of always asking the same questions they hear everyday?

Again, it’s nice to hear “I loved your Purpose Tour performance,” and “You did an amazing job in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Ruby. I want to go into acting someday, I’m taking classes, you had a huge impact on my drive, thanks for that girl.” And move along. This sets such a comfortable tone and helps them feel loved for who they are and not just what they do for a living.

Hell, if you see Justin Bieber in his baby blue Lamborghini Aventador, compliment the car and move along don’t pull out your phone and start taking pictures. It’s not justified in anyway. Yes, it’s seriously a hot Motha F*ckin car, probably just as hot as he is in real life but be calm, it’s not as though it will be the end of the world if you never get a picture with J-dawg or any other celebrity. It’s the end of the world when you invade their privacy and make them feel as though they should never leave the house other than when they need to go to work.

Who the hell wants to walk around with security all day and have their fans pushed away because people (not all) can’t understand respect. So, basically, if you really love someone, show them the same respect you would anyone else on the street, supermarket, basketball game, etc. You would be surprised how much a simple gesture can do in life.

What to NOT do when meeting your favorite “celebrity.”

  • Do not take stealth pictures of said celebrity. You may want a picture of them and you may even find yourself pointing the camera at “another object,” to make it look as though you aren’t stalking the celebrity when in fact, you are and guess what? This is not the first time they’ve seen it, you’re not slick, you’re just… well, you’re just being sneaky and annoying. But not everyone get’s annoyed Bill Murray might photobomb ya and give you a good laugh. If you are that determined to take a picture, just say “hey can I snap one of ya? No disrespect and I understand if you say no.” Just do not, DO NOT sneak pictures.
  • This should be quite obvious and while you might want Justin Bieber’s scent on you, do NOT touch them without asking for permission. Talent have specific rules about being touched. Let’s be honest, do you like random students at school or strangers on the street petting your pregnant belly or stroking your hair without asking, that sh*t is weird!
  • Do NOT expect them to geek out like you and then get all disappointed and assume they are an a**hole. Guys, they have different interests, they once again are just doing their job, the one they were hired for, remember?
  • Do NOT just assume that your entitled to anything other than what you are there for, including meet and greets. You get a email that will go through all the DOs. Respect that with all your might.
  • Do NOT bring up some stupid negative story that you read on the internet. The internet is made for trolls. They love to be on it and they love to make up fake news.
  • Do NOT ask about their personal life. If they want to share something with you, that’s chill, otherwise, just stick to basic conversation.

It’s all about treating people with the same respect that you would like to be treated with, remember to put yourself in their shoes. You most definitely would want to have a “normal,” life. And they are no different than you or I.


Blessed be.


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