American Idol: Benjamin Glaze body language proves he liked the kiss ‘That’s going up on the fridge.’

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American Idol: Benjamin Glaze body language proves he liked the kiss ‘That’s going up on the fridge.’

Benjamin Glaze and Katy Perry Kiss
The Benjamin Glaze and Katy Perry Kiss!

Benjamin Glaze and Katy Perry kiss but it’s not as negative as portrayed.

American Idol is back after a two-year break and farewell in 2015. The season did a hop from FOX to ABC and it’s drawing viewers in exactly as expected. Ryan Seacrest is the host and brings all his talent to the small screen. We love seeing Katy Perry as one of the judges. She’s a fantastic and inspirational artist.

Perry has hit headlines after puckering up to contestant Benjamin Glaze, a 19-year-old from Oklahoma, he labels himself as a conservative (which is fine) but has created some controversy, which is unfair Katy Perry, after she gave him a “congratulations kiss.”

The 19-year-old hottie opened up to Luke Bryan regarding the kiss stating he has never kissed a girl and wanted to save his first smooch for a girl he loves or dating.

Since Glaze opened up about not being pleased, many have taken it upon themselves to slam Katy Perry for her kind gesture. But let’s stop, take a step back and look at the facts, a peck on the lips is not that passionate make-out session. It was a congrats kiss and honestly thoughtful of her, it’s not as though she groped his lower parts or pulled him in and shoved her tongue down his throat (sidenote, his mother has likely kissed him on the lips).

It’s important to remember this is reality television.

Benjamin Glaze and Katy Perry Kiss
The Benjamin Glaze and Katy Perry kiss blew him off his feet

Occasionally these topics are talked about before airing (we are not sure if this was talked about).

I’m certain Katy Perry apologized in private because that’s what any wonderful woman like her would do, if something “wrong,” has occurred. It’s understandable and respectful that he would want to save his first kiss for the love of his life. But what Katy Perry did wasn’t sexual harassment. And those that are downing her should take a look in the mirror or at least look at the facts.

She is kind, her criticisms are sugar-coated because she has a warm heart and has never wanted to hurt contestants.

When Luke Bryan asked about the kiss, Glaze opened up, he said:

“I know a lot of guys would be like, ‘Heck yeah!’,” he stated “But for me, I was raised in a conservative family and I was uncomfortable immediately. I wanted my first kiss to be special.”

Katy Perry & Christian Songs & Present Day ]

It’s a respectable goal but there is no reason to attack Katy Perry and turn the tables on her, making comments such as “If that was a guy, who laid a kiss on a girl all hell would have broke loose.”

Did you know this is not the first time she’s given a boy a friendly kiss? She even gave one to a guy (of age) in 2012. This isn’t something that should be making negative headlines and it’s truly bringing out the worst in people. Glaze even stated that “there’s a slight increase in his heart-rate when he sees Katy Perry,” and bragged about the “cute girls he sees a cashier.” When he was asked to come down for a kiss he did go in for a second one. And he was laughing, there wasn’t nothing horrible about it. He even mentioned that the kiss selfie with Katy Perry will be “going on the fridge.”

Once again, the mainstream media is putting this out to be far more than it really was, he was likely more appreciative than not. Benjamin is young, he wasn’t pushed through to the next round and maybe that’s why it has become negative but that’s not to say he is bad person either, we just know the full story. There’s two sides to every pancake.

Benjamin Glaze and Katy Perry Kiss
Benjamin Glaze and Katy Perry kiss

Katy Perry doesn’t deserve the backlash and neither does Benjamin (we are just discussing facts here), if you haven’t seen the full video then check it out below. Pay attention to body language and remember, body language speaks. When Katy Perry stated “he didn’t even make the smush sound,” he replied “okay, okay, okay,” and went in for another kiss. Don’t believe everything you read, watch the show, pay attention to more than just words, he admitted she was a hottie, he went in for another, therefore the choice was his and if he TRULY didn’t want a kiss he could have said “no, let’s get this singing started first and if I make it then I’ll take the kiss,” or not if that’s how he really felt.

We don’t feel any of the judges or Benjamin made a right or wrong, we just think it is what it is and honestly (If I were Glaze’s future girlfriend, I would have loved that he kissed Katy Perry but that’s just how it feels in my heart, not everybody will agree and that’s completely fine. But the negativity needs to stop as she did nothing wrong.

Keep up the great work Katy but just focus on guys who would be slightly more appreciative. (I married a conservative and was his first kiss, first everything, it is important to them but at the same time, I highly doubt my husband would have turned down a kiss from Katy Perry, Glaze didn’t turn it down, he went for it and two times. If he went for it to increase his chances of going forward then there’s more to consider).

Hollywood isn’t just your voice, it’s everything including personality. He was seemingly pumped but after the camera stopped rolling and he didn’t go through, the negativity was brought forward. And while we don’t entirely know if it was his intention (doubtful) the media did a great job at tearin’ them both. Don’t listen just watch the video of Katy Perry and Benjamin Glaze kiss below. Let us know what you thought about the Benjamin Glaze and Katy Perry kiss in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter. We would love to keep you updated on all the positive and entertainment news.

Blessed be.

Benjamin Glove and Katy Perry kiss on American Idol

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