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Film Review: Game Over, Man! Starring Adam Devine!

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Film Review: Game Over, Man! Starring Adam Devine

[Warning this review includes explicit language and spoilers]

Game Over, Man!
Game Over, Man!

Film: Game Over, Man!

Cast: Starring Adam DeVine (Alexxx), Blake Anderson (Joel), Anders Holm (Darren), Jere Burns (Mr. Duncan), Mac Brandt (Jared) Chloë Bridges (Diana), Neal McDonough (Conrad) Drothers Cloris Leachman (Arvilla Kingle), Sam Richardson (Donald Sugar), Lyn Beard (herself) and Shaggy (as himself).

Director: Kyle Newacheck and film written by Anders Holm.

Synopsis: Three friends are ready to get their video game financed when their benefactor is taken hostage by terrorists things take a comedic turn.

Review: 4/5 – This movie is: Exciting, Irreverent, Raunchy but funny! 

Director Kyle Newacheck and writer Anders Holm bonked heads together creating one of the best comedies we’ve seen this month. Many know Adam Devine from some fan-favorite films like “Pitch Perfect,” Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates,” “Workaholics,” “When We First Met,” and an all time favorite “Mama’s Boy.” Usually Devine takes on the character of a goofball that most can’t help but love due to his incredible acting. Game Over Man was no different when it comes his character protral and creating laughter for the audience.

Mr. Devine’s character “Alexxx,” is paired with his three best friends who work as housekeepers at a deluxe hotel. But their dreams of creating the next best video game provokes them to plan and pitch their idea to (Utkarsh Ambudkar) who is having a party at the hotel. Ambudkar humors their idea by offering them a $200,000 dollar check (just to piss of his butler) who happens to behind the whole heist and terror attack.

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The film is filled with penis jokes, cum filled condoms and a lot of gory deaths. But what can you expect from a comedy starring Adam Devine? The outrageously strange vulgarity keeps you laughing, jaw dropped and repeating the words “Ohhhh my God!” And that’s what gives the film most of it’s entertainment.

The film is not appropriate for young audiences and would likely be best fit for adults that enjoy dirty punch lines and those who don’t get offended. After all, when we meet the three best friends, they are cleaning a hotel room filled with used condoms. Overall, you have the geek, the smarty pants and the dumber than dumb managing to get the best outcomes through the whole terror plot, which gives the film it’s comedy.

“Game Over, Man!” is a film perfect for those with a open-mind and open sense of humor. Viewers that don’t mind edgy sex jokes, violence will find themselves laughing. The director, writer and actors nailed the films goals and we feel it was worth the watch but be warned, it is not intended for those are easily disgusted and those who cannot handle even the simplest comedic jokes.

The cinematography and special effects were absolutely on-point.

Blessed be.

GAME OVER, MAN! | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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