Harry Styles pays tribute to Manchester victims spreading love!

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Harry Styles pays tribute to Manchester victims spreading love!

Nearly a year since Ariana Grande’s concert has passed since the Manchester Arena was attacked by an explosion that left 23 dead (including the bomber) and even more injured. The hatred is fresh and has not been forgotten. Harry Styles has not forgotten about the horrific tragedy. He opened up on stage during his performance on April 9 and gave a tribute to the victims and survivors.

Harry Styles grew up near Cheshire and this tragedy hit far too close to home.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles pays tribute to Manchester victims.

“I grew up coming to my first concerts in this room, I love this room,” Styles said to the crowd. “The next song that we’re going to play, I wrote a few years ago, and I gave it to a singer called Ariana Grande. She sang it a few times, and now we’re going to do our version of it for you — and if you can find some way to join in please do so. I stand with you, Manchester.”

Styles then did an amazing cover “Just a Little Bit of My Heart.” The song is from Ariana Grande’s 2014 album “My Everything,” which styles co-wrote. He has been covering this song with undeviating love during many performances on his current tour. The moment he performed this song in Manchester, well, tears filled the eyes of many as the memories are still vivid. But the song is beyond meaningful given what happened at Grande’s Manchester concert on May 22, 2017.

Justin Bieber continues to help Manchester victims! Check it out! ]

It’s been said that music is healing and it has been a huge part of recovery for Manchester. Music truly does save lives. And if you remember, two weeks after the original attack, Grande was able to assemble a successful benefit concert with many high-profile celebrities including Justin Bieber. The benefit was meant to help raise money for victims.

We must not forget that crime can have a huge emotional and long-lasting psychological damage. The good news is that teams at “Victim Support Cymru,” have provided a huge safety net and special emotional and practical help.

“The range of those they are supporting and the sheer number they deal with is staggering.” But the constant work that is being done at the Victim Help Cenntre in St Asaph and across North Wales is heart-warming and we’re glad to see that the affected have an outlet for help. God knows that these attacks are not easy. And many wonder “why,” but the answer to that is summed up with one word, “hatred.”

The help centers vision is to give “emotional and practical help to people who have been affected by crime in Manchester.” According to their website, they just want to help the 78,000 affected by crime, including the Manchester attack.

“We give emotional and practical help to people who have been affected by crime in Manchester. We’re an independent charity and you can contact us for support regardless of whether you’ve contacted the police, and no matter how long ago the crime took place. We’ll help you for as long as it takes to overcome the impact of crime.”

“Last year we offered immediate support to nearly 78,000 people affected by crime in Manchester, and gave in-depth support to more than 11,000 people. If you call your local Victim Support team, we’ll make sure you get the information and support you need. This might be arranging a meeting for you to talk to us and receive emotional support in confidence, helping you to fill out a compensation from or get advice on how to make your home more secure, or referring you to other specialist organisations that can also help.”

Huge shout out to everyone who has taken part in making a difference in the world. We are supposed to stand together, in peace, harmony and love. Remember that this week is National Volunteer Week. And you do not have to be rich to lend a helping hand, you can do the smallest of gestures and still help, regardless of how old you are, where you are from in this world, please try to do something good for someone.

The world needs a little more love, don’t you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Blessed be.

Harry Styles pays tribute to Manchester victims during his performance!


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