The Taylor Swift Tour is about to kick off! Check out these facts!

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The Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour is about to kick off! Check out these facts!

The Taylor Swift tour will be kicking off Tuesday, May 8th and Swifties are excited for her upcoming performances.

Check out the Taylor Swift Reputation tour dates!

It’s no secret that the gorgeous Taylor Swift loves to create the perfect experience for her family, friends, fans and crew. And that has not changed throughout all of her years performing. The Reputation tour is huge and will bring forth the biggest stage she’s ever performed on, at 110 feet tall. It’s also been reported that the Taylor Swift tour made huge changes but the good news is that both of the B stages in the audience will be just as big as the ones during her 1989 tour.

Last week Taylor took to her Instagram stories and broke the positive news. Everyday she has been sharing facts about the upcoming Taylor Swift tour. One of our favorite insights to her upcoming Reputation tour is about the backstage room she has set up for her fans. Taylor and her team will focus on finding some lucky Swifties to bring backstage after the show. Fans will be able to chat, get to know Taylor and celebrate her successes.

Swift opened up about the process in her stories. She said:

“During the show we always pick people to come after the show to come say ‘hi.’ This tour it’s called ‘The Rep Room.’ That will be the room where we will be looking in all kinds of different ways to get people, to find people who I can meet after the show, which I’m so excited about… “

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The Taylor Swift tour won’t be all about the new album. It’s been revealed that fans will be new and old schools during the Reputation tour!

“Some of you have been asking how many songs from previous albums you’ll be hearing is, my count, my count is ten, really excited to be playing stuff from reputation and really excited to be playing stuff from previous albums as well.”

Huge shout out to family, friends and fans of Taylor’s, news broke that she has broken the record for the stadium in Glendale! And she spoke a little about that on her Instagram stories as well, saying:

“I just got the news that you guys broke the attendance record for the stadium in Glendale. That’s just, that’s really great, thank you so much for that.”

Costumes and set up are always a blast but can take some serious planning. Taylor didn’t mind sharing a sneak peek at what fans can expect to see on stage. The gorgeous lady will be showing off 8 different styles during event.

“We are looking at around 8 costume changes.”

How many of you love to go to concerts and collect something memorable?

One of the funnest parts about concerts (at least for me) is being able to collect and keep some type of memorabilia. Taylor just revealed one of the coolest ideas ever. They will be able to keep this memory forever, ready for it?

Taylor Swift and her team created some pretty fun confetti. She said:

“Hey guys, it’s three days till tour and I wanted to tell you that since we’ve had so much time to plan the tour, we’ve had a lot of time to be very de

tailed oriented about everything going into every aspect. For example, this may look like a regular news paper, it is in fact confetti.”

How freaking cool is that? Taylor Swift newspaper confetti?! Now that’s pretty cool, don’t you think? But that’s not all she’s been focusing on sharing with the world. The Taylor Swift tour is more than just a celebration for her new album. She’s also taking the time to spend time with those fans who live in a foster care situation. Saturday was a big day for many of those kids. People reported that she invited 2000 guests to her dress rehearsal for the upcoming Reputation Stadium tour. The “Delicate,” singer had a great time and parents have taken to Instagram to show off the love. One mom opened up saying she was “gracious.”

“@cheaperbythedozenaz: When @taylorswift invites you to her final dress rehearsal, you go. We couldn’t bring cameras in, just know that if you are able to see her #reputationstadiumtour DO IT! She was such a gracious and generous hostess…complete with a pizza party and photo op afterward. #thankyoutaylorswift #thankyouazafap #fostercare #adoption #blessed #onceinalifetime #hurshfamilycircus #cheaperbythedozen The munchkins wrote thank you cards to Miss Swift and I was blessed to be able to give them to her kind daddy who promised to bring them to her before the show. He gave a TS guitar pic to each of the kids. <3 <3”

We would love to hear what you are all are excited about regarding the Taylor Swift Stadium tour! Sound off in the comments below and let us know what old songs you would love to hear Taylor perform.

Blessed be.

Taylor Swift – Delicate

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