Kidney Disease Treatment: The 11th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic!

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Kidney Disease: The 11th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic is raising awareness!

George Lopez and his team raising money for kidney disease

Kidney disease treatment is no joke. Remember when George Lopez had to learn that he was in need of kidney disease treatment? Well, if you didn’t know there was a time in Lopez’s life when he needed kidney disease treatment and fast. His wife stepped up to the plate and was ready to do all she could to help with his kidney disease treatment plan.

“I’ll give you one of mine,” Ann Lopez told her husband. When the words flew from her mouth the comedian thought she was just joking. George Lopez, best known for “The George Lopez Show,” wasn’t living in a comedic world at this moment in his life.

The day was Tuesday, April 2005, the Lopezes arrived at Cedar -Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles gearing up for surgery in neighboring rooms. First, it would be her surgery and with love, faith and devotion she left George a letter and a rosary.

Mrs. Lopez opened up about the letter, saying:

“I wrote that I was doing this out of love, and that I had faith in the operation,” Ann recalls. “To me, this was about us, about our daughter, Mayan. But George, he comes from a very dysfunctional family, a horrific childhood. It was hard for him to accept that someone would give him the gift of life.”

Ironic, how some people with the hardest lives have to face hardships but the truth is, this makes us all grow stronger and George has been a positive influence in the industry for such a long time, we are thankful that his beautiful wife was able to give him the gift of life. Ann wasn’t worried, in fact she was excited to be able to give her love another chance at a healthy life. But George, he was nervous.

TOLUCA LAKE, CA – MAY 01: (L-R) Cheech Marin, George Lopez and Eddie Van Halen attend the 10th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic at Lakeside Country Club on May 1, 2017 in Toluca Lake, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for George Lopez Foundation)

“I was crying. I thanked her and I told her I loved her,” George recalls. “I was more concerned about her than I was about myself.”

The two (as expected) spoke on one another through the phone because they had to be in different rooms and post kidney treatment would take sometime in recovery.

Ann Lopez’s surgery took two hours. And George’s took five. But he was given the chance to continue making people laugh. And I’ve we’ve said before, laughter is a gift, if you can make someone laugh, you can make someone listen.

It’s great he got a second chance at life. Living a life with Kidney Disease is not an easy life. And we’re certain that’s why George Lopez is now taking part in the 11th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic, raising money and awareness about kidney disease.

Sponsors included Century Healthcare, 3 Arts Entertainment, Aftershokz, Allen & Anita Kohl, Alveo Technologies, Axis Capital, Baltaire Restaurant, Beer Pong Golf, Boulevard Management, Bunnin Chevrolet Cadillac, The Gilbert and Jacki Cisneros Foundation, City National Bank, CoachLabs, Coca-Cola, Combi Charitable Foundation, Committed U, Companion Life, Curtis & Co. Watches, El Chicano Productions, Endemol Shine Group, Fifty150 Brand, Glenmorangie, HBO, Healthcare Highways Rx, Ken Corday of Days of Our Lives, King Taco, MGO Wealth Advisors, Moët Hennessy USA, Municipal Packaging, OnCore Golf, PXG, Santo Mezquila, Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP, Snoop’s Premium Nutrients, Stacey & Larry Kohl, Sultana Distribution Services, UTA, Vektor Vodka, Vino Latino USA, WebTPA, WBBO, Sheryl Underwood Radio, ZORIZ Golf and many more!

Doris Bergman’s Annual “Gratitude Lounge,” is also featuring an amazing assortment of luxury gifting!

George has made it his mission to raise awareness to kidney disease and organ donation.

“As we enter our tenth [now 11th] year, we continue to improve quality of life for underprivileged children, adults and military families, giving them the opportunity for a brighter future. Please join George Lopez in supporting this very worthwhile cause.”

Did you know that Kidney disease is the 9TH leading cause of death in the United States.1 An estimated 31 million people in the United States (10% of the adult population) have chronic kidney disease (CKD)?

Kidney Disease Facts and Kidney disease treatment

  • 9 out of 10 people who have stage 3 CKD (moderately decreased kidney function) do not know it.
  • kidney disease treatment factsCKD is more common among women, but men with CKD are 50 more likely than women to
    have their CKD turn into kidney failure (also called end-stage renal disease or ESRD).
  • Some racial and ethnic groups are at greater risk for kidney failure. Compared to whites, the
    risk for African Americans is almost 4 times higher, Native Americans is 1.5 times higher, Asians
    is 1.4 times higher. Compared to non-Hispanics, Hispanics are almost 1.5 times as likely to be
    diagnosed with kidney failure.
  • The leading cause of kidney failure is diabetes.

Kidney disease treatment ranges from simple diet changes to needing a transplant.

“Diabetes causes 44% of all new cases of kidney failure. In 2012 it was the primary cause for 239,837 kidney failure patients. An estimated 29.1 million people have diabetes; 8.1 million of them don’t know they have it. About 40% of people with diabetes will get CKD.7 African Americans with diabetes are 3.5 times more likely than whites to get kidney disease. Most people (69%) participating in a 2011 nationwide survey by the American Kidney Fund could not name diabetes as a leading cause of kidney disease, despite the fact that over half (55%) had a loved one with diabetes.”

And then of course, high blood pressure is the 2nd leading cause of kidney failure.

“High blood pressure (HBP) causes 28.4% of all new cases of kidney failure. In 2012 it was the primary cause for 159,049 kidney failure patients. An estimated 70 million (29%) people have HBP — that is every 1 in 3 American Adults. And most people (85%) participating in a 2011 nationwide survey by the American Kidney Fund could not name high blood pressure as a leading cause of kidney disease, yet most of them (75%) had a loved one with high blood pressure.”

Kidney Disease: Early Detection and Treatment

According to “,” here are some things to consider if you’re worried about kidney disease.

How can you tell if you are at risk for kidney disease? Ask yourself these questions

  • Do you have diabetes (problems with your blood sugar)?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Do you have heart disease?
  • Did your mother, father, sister, or brother have kidney disease? (Kidney disease runs in families) and may eventually need kidney disease treatment
  • It doesn’t matter how old or young you are kidney disease treatment is important.

“If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are at risk for kidney disease. Now is the time to get tested. Your health care provider will order two simple tests to check your kidneys—a blood test to check your glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and a urine test to check for protein.”

These tests are a quick and painless way to get tested to see if you need kidney disease treatment. And it’s certainly a great way to stay ahead of the staying healthy game.

Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Carlos Santana at Padres El Sueno de Esparanza! ]

kidney disease treatment
TOLUCA LAKE, CA – MAY 01: (L-R) Pat Monahan, George Lopez and Eddie Van Halen attend the 10th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic at Lakeside Country Club on May 1, 2017 in Toluca Lake, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for George Lopez Foundation)

Those are the facts, it’s not all about “drinking too much,” or “doing drugs.” Health is a constant crisis all over the world. And that’s why George Lopez and other high-profile celebrities including Eva Longoria, Andy Garcia, Anthony Anderson, Andy Buckley, Yasiel Puig, Eddie Van Halen, Luke Wilson, Don Cheadle, David Arquette, Adam Rodriguez, Cedric the Entertainer, Joe Mantegna, Dean Geyer, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Alfonso Ribeiro, Dennis Haysbert, Tim Allen, Oscar De La Hoya, Sheryl Underwood, Joe Regalbuto, Joe Pesci, Billy Dawson, Esai Morales, Bruce McGill, D.L. Hughley, Emilio Rivera, Frank Buckley, Dr. Jason Diamond, John Brotherton, John Pyper-Ferguson, Johnathan Fernandez, Ken Corday, Kevin Rahm, Kyle Lowder, Jonathan Antin, Lizzy Small, Mark Rolston, Mauricio Umansky, Norman Nixon, Pat Monahan, Patrika Darbo, Paula Trickey, Richard Karn, Roland Martin, Steven Michael Quezada, Yancey Arias, Vinnie Jones, Gary Valentine, Phillip Palmer and others will be taking part in the tee off Monday morning, May 7th.

But you can make a difference as well and you don’t need to be rich. Firstly, if you can’t visit and give a donation, make sure to stop in and learn more about kidney disease, share this article and spread the word. It starts with education and the whole point about any disease is knowledge!

Selena Gomez teaches us to take care of our health! ]

We all know someone who suffers from a chronic illness but many have become afraid to speak up and talk. That’s why it’s important to share, learn and remember that our bodies are truly amazing, they spend every waking and sleeping moment attempting to heal the damage done naturally and unnaturally, so, if you find yourself on the wagon of drinking, drugs or other things that could be harming your bodies systems, take a step back and remember, you deserve to live a healthy life.

Some people aren’t given a second chance but education, just knowing it can happen to you… well, that can change your life.

Huge shout out to George Lopez and the rest of the team for continuing to tee off to raise awareness to kidney disease, we are proud of you.

Do you know someone who has had a kidney transplant or needed kidney disease treatment? How did it go? How are they doing now? Let us know in the comments below (and of course use an alias for their name) but talking about it is important because it teaches. And you never know who is reading your comment. Words are power as are stories. And it’s all about giving back at the Celebrity Golf Classic and taking action on raising awareness to kidney disease and kidney disease treatment!

Blessed be!

Throwback: 10th Anniversary George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic 2017

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