Justin invites fan looking for God to come to Hillsong!

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Justin invites fan looking for God to come to Hillsong!

Justin invites fan looking for God to come to Hillsong!

Hillsong church wrapped their meeting and Justin Bieber went ahead and invited a fan to join in on becoming close to God by coming to church!

Justin Bieber had SUPER inspiring experience this week (June 11) when a fan opened up to him about their struggle in finding a church that is accepting toward people in the LGBTQ community.

The two-minute clip shows J-dawg answering questions from fans, taking pictures after his church service wrapped. One fan asked the singer how the service went and if his church is accepting of the gay community.

“I’ve been trying to find a place that’s inclusive of everybody because I came out as queer, like, not long ago, so I’m trying to find a nice place. Cause no one is nice. Everyone is so homophobic.”

Justin was beyond caring and invited her to come to Hillsong Church. He said:

“Yeah, that’s the sad thing about religion, it can be like that sometimes, that breaks my heart for you, I’m sorry, that’s not okay. If you want to come in, we would love to have you, you’re more than welcome to come, seriously.”

Hillsong Church is about staying inspired and becoming closer to God. Pastors include Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston and the international Hillsong team along with Joel Osteen, John Gray, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Steven Furtick and many more other speakers come to teach and empower those who attend and those who view their sessions online.

Justin Bieber influences family, friends and fans. Mally Mall speaks up! ]

Brian Houston loves Hillsong and feels it “brings healing to the needy world.” He said:

“Youthful in spirit; generous at heart; faith-filled in confession; loving in nature and inclusive in expression – this channel is committed to bringing the love and hope of Christ to every day and impossible situations through the preaching of the gospel. This mandate is what drives us to do all we can to bring help and healing to a needy world.

I see a channel whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Great Commission.”

It’s great that Justin is open to talking to fans about God and inviting them into Hillsong where they can feel the spirit, don’t you agree? What do you think about Hillsong? Have you had a chance to visit their website? You can check it out [ HERE ]! And if you love what you’re reading don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter! Lt us know what you think about his invite in the comments below!

Blessed be.


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