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Ariana Grande: “God is a woman,” is amazing! Check it out!

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Ariana Grande: “God is a woman,” is amazing! Check it out!

Ariana Grande just dropped another hit “God is a Woman.”

Ariana Grande "God is a Woman."
Ariana Grande releases”God is a Woman.”

The highly anticipated track is upbeat and we’re sure it will make its way up iTunes very quickly.

Ariana Grande has yet again, blown us away with her vocal talent. But it’s not just her vocals. It’s a fact that Ariana Grande can sing and she’s fantastic at acting as well. She loves to stand up for charities, human rights and she’s a genuine person. There hasn’t been a time where Grande hasn’t stood up for the LGBT community, she helped the whole world stay strong when the attack in Manchester took place.

Ariana Grande talks Manchester and her fans! ]

This woman is talent, love, and passion in all she does in life. After all, they say “actions speak louder than words.” We’re proud of her and who she is as an artist, actor, daughter, friend and lover of her fans.

And hey, Arianators are the real deal. They are loyal, loving and supportive all the time.

If you haven’t checked out her new music video “God is a woman,” then check it out below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip newsletter.

Blessed be.


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